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Information of +12042952381

Variations of phone numbers: +1(204) 295-2381, (204) 295-2381, 204-295-2381, +1 204-295-2381 or 1 204 295 2381
Possible Locations:

Recent comments:

1. Miss J20-09-2017 г.
Tried to get me to click a link to deposit monthly income tax payments
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All information about the phone number 12042952381 is based on the feedback left by the users of our site. The content of the reviews contains a real user experience with a phone number. Please leave your feedback about this phone number if you know its owner or you had an incoming call from this phone number so that you can help more people. We hope that the information on the site will protect you from fraudsters and other unpleasant situations!

Recent comments on other numbers:

artur cichon 20-06-2016 г.
mamo niemam kasy chcem jechać do babci juz nie wytrzymuje czemu nie dzwonis zniemam dowodu osobistego co sie kurwa dzieje nic nie jem od 7 dni
Jfmir16-07-2017 г.
This Number called me and it is not on service
Aizen28-09-2016 г.
Julo (his name) told me in Vienna Main Train Station that he needs a few hundred Euro to get back to Czech Republic, because his bag with 300 Euro, passport and so on has been stolen. I gave him the money and he promised me that he is going to bring my money back within 2 days. He gave me his phone number to stay in contact. The day he said he is going to bring my money he called me, that he needs again 200 Euro and wanted to give me his banking account, I told him I cant and that I need my money back as promised. Now I cant reach him anymore. If you got in contact with him, call the police and take him to task as quick as possible! And if possible, conctact me too. Btw; his 2nd number is: +421948088427
Ritchie 27-02-2017 г.
Dear Sir/Madam I want to let you know that you are a fraud. You and your cohort defrauded my mother and you were prepared to do even more harm to her. I want to let you know that for this thing that you have done. Hmmm
Anne02-02-2017 г.
Stop send me videos or photos after we talk at the app tinder, ok? You are a nice person, but I don´t want contact anymore. I am sorry about it ok? bye
frank shorrock08-09-2016 г.
searching for Mary gave me a wrong number she is from Eratrea
Shyam Sharma05-05-2017 г.
Plz tell me details about the owner of this phone number

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