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Mike Kellett18-08-2017 г.
This person has been trying to Scam my sister and I would appreciate getting further information on this person.
Gerardo muraña 18-08-2017 г.
Buenas noches necesito saber el nombre del titular de este celular debido aque me llama insistentemente y nadie responde hace un par de días de no contestan gracias
Rudwan17-08-2017 г.
the guy who own that phone number is called Shady
slobodan grbić17-08-2017 г.
i have just missed a call but when i try it is like it is not in use i want to know the user since i am a job seeker may be it an employer
Abhishek 16-08-2017 г.
Hello, This bad I cannot find correct address via Google Map or true caller but Please help me this number holder +919958522291 takes my 2500 rupees for income certificate but he not do anything for that document. And I also call him many times but this foolish man not answering. So please please please call and scold him in your own way because he is government employee.
Annie16-08-2017 г.
This lady is a homewrecker..she keeps calling my husband and flirts with him
john16-08-2017 г.
using a bad word at my wife
John15-08-2017 г.
This is a scam originating from Dubai. They claim to be from some Emirates NBD bank yet they are bilkish? I dont know who these people are but they definitely are rude and are trying to scam me out of money
Two can play this game15-08-2017 г.
Why are you sending me a message with an unregistered line?
Nina Krydsby Vestgaard15-08-2017 г.
I met a man on a dating site and he sent me this number, +4915213946670 it it real or scam? Best regards Nina.
Nur15-08-2017 г.
Здравcnвуйте. Вы позвонили на номер 87072441646. Назовите ваше имя и цель звонка.
Miss Mellysha15-08-2017 г.
He is a scammer, Car dealer. My friends bank in to him MYR 6K. And as usual, scammer be quiet after getting our money.
Anon15-08-2017 г.
Can you send me your address so I can send your birthday card
Rizvan Ibrahimov15-08-2017 г.
Please call me or use whatsapp Thanks for searching:)
Moe15-08-2017 г.
They are saying they are Jason Aldean the country singer. Trying to get my bank info
خليل الهمداني14-08-2017 г.
اريد معرفه صاحب هذا الرقم +967771189872 يمن موبايل اليمن
Jharana bhujel14-08-2017 г.
Hi you called me my own num 9821297828 Thanks...
Ala Park14-08-2017 г.
Hello, Can I get the full address of the owner of this phone number. She is living in Bucuresti, Romania, and she manage the Facebook page and website with a name Chic Roumaine. Thanks,
lubo14-08-2017 г.
To whom is this number I am looking for the owner of this phone number until 2003
Ľubomíra14-08-2017 г.
Please tell who she is and where the phone number comes from: +447424621526 Thank you
Ronald Flores14-08-2017 г.
Hi you Called me on my number +639493306006. May I know what is the reason. Thanks
Gaspar Cristian13-08-2017 г.
I got a phone call from this number
AKRAM13-08-2017 г.
I just receive a call from this number today at 11h15, would like to know the caller, thank you, best regards;
Victim13-08-2017 г.
Dont block us on whatsapp, scammer! And all our money back immediately!
SAM13-08-2017 г.
He is a scammer which act as an US Army
Amin13-08-2017 г.
Hi, i apologize.. you called me on Thursday and i was busy Mind me asking .. what was it about ?
Ayanna12-08-2017 г.
This person have been calling and harassing me for the past week.
María Baena12-08-2017 г.
Usurpar nombre y fotografias del actor argentino Juan Solar, quiere conseguir relaciones
d. green12-08-2017 г.
scam off dating site in Canada, ended up wanting 2 computers sent to Malaysia
Lam SC12-08-2017 г.
Just checking my own number

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