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PETERIS05-08-2018 г.
very dangerous person, cheating on anything, be careful
Lim05-08-2018 г.
This phone number hacked to my apple account
Klaus04-08-2018 г.
Russische illegale Putzfirma 8€/Stunde.
gows04-08-2018 г.
This number is a fraudulent number which is in the name part time job taking money from people and making fool be aware of this numberand same person has various number9538038241
josh 03-08-2018 г.
the owner of this no is a scammer. he scams people thru sales of bitcoin. he needs to be tracked down. cos innocent people are falling victim to his plot.
NorSham Bin Abduallh03-08-2018 г.
Beware, this caller is a pervert, offer money for s*x. Usually this pervert will message the victim via WhatsApp and offer sum of money to fulfill the request - this pervert wont straight away telling you what he wants. he will lure you by saying he would like to buy a product you sell online.
Rizza03-08-2018 г.
I want to know if this person is not a scam. Been getting messages from WhatsApp.
Baribefii 02-08-2018 г.
Someone called me with this number, I am suspicious about it. Any information on this would be appreciated.
Trick02-08-2018 г.
this phone number is under warning, by cause of hacking, it hacked around 94 users for using its own site and read their messages without warning
johnny bumgarth02-08-2018 г.
scam number
Hella benar02-08-2018 г.
Very annoying calls all the time. try to sell something.
Jan Křížka01-08-2018 г.
Volal mi zatím dvakrát, pokaždé v 10:21 odpoledne, dělá to pouze když jsem ve Španělsku, pro jistotu nezdvihám a ani nedoporučuji zdvihat, mohl by to být nějaký člověk co vám dokáže jednoduše ztrhnout kredit v hovoru jelikož jste v jiném státě.
Jackie Cooper01-08-2018 г.
ONLY two times has calling me, never say anything
Nancy01-08-2018 г.
I had a longdistace relationship.eho was calling me on what all Who.introduced him Frank I want to make sure this is real person or fake name?
Alcoon Slambag31-07-2018 г.
This person very very bad nigger jigaboo Kyky piss chugging big lipped coon
Ndukwe stanley31-07-2018 г.
I want to find out who owns this number because am suspecting a scam
Andrey31-07-2018 г.
alice30-07-2018 г.
hi. appreciate if can check this number pls. been getting strange whatsapp message from this number. felt bugged
G29-07-2018 г.
bothersome or aggressive phone calls mostly at night
kumar29-07-2018 г.
unwanted message from this person. if it continue i wish i would like to lodge a complaint against this number.
chri26-07-2018 г.
i receveid this called with this number ,+4917641173487,maybe he s my friend,but i can t call again because answer the segretery telefonic.i d get some information,even because isn t the first time wich i receive this number in my telephone and i d understand.thank u
Pietro26-07-2018 г.
Gentile Signora Emanuela, vorrei chiederle qualche informazione su un presunto caso di avvistamento UFO a Mineo (CT) del settembre 1966. Possiamo sentirci per telefono (il mio numero è 090 9282212) o per messaggi. Cordiali Saluti Prof. Pietro Torre (CISU, Italia)
Jen25-07-2018 г.
Hi this number +233547904088 hacked my Mum Facebook. I have reported then closed but I just let everyone know that if this number make trouble to my family again. I will take action to next steps under the law.
selvakumar24-07-2018 г.
hi , i received missed call from this number .may i know who is this? my conatct number is 9944540172
arifin23-07-2018 г.
this number is scammer..becareful..
Leonid Yesenin22-07-2018 г.
Hello! A person with a phone number 998912024410 rides a bus to Russia, there is no connection for two days, can you specify its location at this moment?
Elena22-07-2018 г.
This is one of the phone numbers that was keep calling my mum. I blocked all the the numbers but now "they" (who?)start to call me. They let make one ring and if I call back nobody talks but they hold on. They call like 3 times a day and is from Germany.
A22-07-2018 г.
Hey! Have you called a TM no. Today for 5 times? Why?
jean20-07-2018 г.
who keeps calling from maroc 5 or 6 times a day ??
blast20-07-2018 г.
numéro arnaque

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