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Valerio juchasara11-05-2017 г.
Muy buenas tardes disculpe pero tenia llamada perdida de su numero de telefono mi numero es 60042097 bolivia
Camille Ross11-05-2017 г.
Could you tell me who owns this number and in which country is if from?
Damian11-05-2017 г.
Someone with this phone number want to buy my new phone from Germany with shipping on United Kingdom, is it scam?
Isse11-05-2017 г.
Hello, 9971718 just viewed your call me back.
Haider Ali11-05-2017 г.
Hi sir i want to know about the owner of this number i have received very valgur messages on my wife;s number from this number please send me complete detail of this number.
Jyoti saherawat11-05-2017 г.
Somebody gave me the number as his own number. I want to know the name of the actual owner of this number
d11-05-2017 г.
Nuestros registros indican que su pensión está bajo ejecución para ver un crecimiento más alto y hasta un 25% de respuesta en efectivo PENSIÓN para una revisión gratuita. Para inhabilitar la respuesta STOP
Amai10-05-2017 г.
I just got threaten call from this no if u have to speak up then speak to me directly without hiding ur identity
Ste10-05-2017 г.
Got a call from this number there was a ringing tone and suddenly got cut seemed like a scam
Ho10-05-2017 г.
Warning. +2348077370809. Africa. Scam
gokhan10-05-2017 г.
he/she call at night. if we back him/her they will want Money.
Dume Pevu09-05-2017 г.
Please favour me the name of the registered user for the number 447823673658 and advise if user provides loans sincerely as a broker
zeba09-05-2017 г.
Please help me to know from which city or place of Mauritius this number belongs to .
Ramón09-05-2017 г.
Es un mafioso ocupa, que pone en alquiler las habitaciones de un piso que no es suyo. Mucho cuidado.
Eriazeri Muguti09-05-2017 г.
I would like to know the owner of this number because i sent him money money and he did not deliver the product
naz09-05-2017 г.
she is very fraud family, whole family fraus
Fatima Khusanova09-05-2017 г.
I want name and surename with address this contact I have a good mood only I want to know name of this number
Fatima Khusanova09-05-2017 г.
I want name and surename with address this contact I have a good mood only I want to know name of this number
John09-05-2017 г.
Is this a working phone number or a fake phone number.
Michael Oluwatobi09-05-2017 г.
I need information about my mobile number.
facebook08-05-2017 г.
يرجئ تغيير رقم حسابك في فيسبوك برقم جوالك والا سوف يتم ازاله الحساب
Paul08-05-2017 г.
being used by someone to perpetrate online scams purtaining to delivery of parcels
daniel08-05-2017 г.
Привет, мадам, Ваша запись была замечена, мы приглашаем вас работать с нами в нашей компании для экономии, пожалуйста, напишите свое имя и номер телефона, чтобы подтвердить свою личность, спасибо.
Laximi08-05-2017 г.
Dear Sir, i need 971520000000 sim if passable
Fatima Khusanova08-05-2017 г.
Good afternoon I wanted to know informations about 998905051297 number My attention is good mood no any bad characters. Thank you very much
markku08-05-2017 г.
hello maria...just trying to follow your phone number and send greetings from Helsinki. markku
guillermo thode08-05-2017 г.
Están usando el número 34633067816 para hacer llamadas anónimas
Fatima Khusanova08-05-2017 г.
I want to know more info about this number because we want to accept her as a wife of our brother.
Natasha Yeo 07-05-2017 г.
Hello, Can someone help me and find out under which name this phone number is registered? I would appreciate ur help. Thank you
Manalisha bordoloi07-05-2017 г.
+447598635264 plz tell me details about the owner of this phone number and address.

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