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mrs m12-02-2017 г.
please help me find out about this annoying caller.thanks in advance
Peter12-02-2017 г.
He is a crooker. Hij is een oplichter. Do not trust him.
Uldis12-02-2017 г.
Hellow, i write you e-mail about vw t5. I, m from Latvia and i want buy your car. Please Write me e-mail. my phone number +37126346402
annon12-02-2017 г.
Female Internet scammer, con artist and blackmailer Philippines national living in romania - claiming to be medical student (unconfirmed) Has extorted thousands of dollars internationally and responsible for two alleged cases of wrongful death and suicide
Lovance 12-02-2017 г.
The owner of this number is a threat. May I know who it is?
Peter Gold12-02-2017 г.
Hi I am Peter Gold...I am 40 Years my Dear. But full of Love in me from Nigeria. I admired you so much. I want to be your close friend Baby. A humble woman is an expensive jewelry.... We can talk on whatsapp or phone call. Peter Gold +234-8032472242
Ravi12-02-2017 г.
Got an anonymous call from this number. Please give some information about the number.
Maria11-02-2017 г.
Please let me find out who is the owner of this number and his location. Is treating me
Mi chiamo daniele 11-02-2017 г.
Vorrei sapere di chi e questo numero grazie mille mi a combinato un casino
TK11-02-2017 г.
i got miss call and i been looking for a job
TK11-02-2017 г.
i got a miss call from this number help
Alice11-02-2017 г.
Can I have the address of the owner of this number ?
E11-02-2017 г.
Is dit de Charlotte uit Hooglede waarmee ik mailde ivm de biechtstoel? Ik probeer je te bereiken.
Бекалы11-02-2017 г.
Мне пишет по ватсапу хочу узнать кто это
Rainer Ubrig11-02-2017 г.
Suspected to be a scammer
jerecho11-02-2017 г.
me i know the complete details of this number pls. +996578657053
Josh11-02-2017 г.
Pls i want to know who owns this number the owner wants to fraud me
Aash11-02-2017 г.
Getting messages from this number. Could you please tell me who this number belongs to?
Rita Rubia Fernandez10-02-2017 г.
This number is used in whatsapp asking money to pay for tax.
Stan Robert10-02-2017 г.
As putea sa aflu zona sau locatia unde locuieste propietarul cu acest numar de telefon
David10-02-2017 г.
Sorry I could not hear you when you called: please call 702 445 6739 as my cell phone is flaky!
Help!10-02-2017 г.
Please help me find out who this is. Thank you for your help! I just hope its not a spam call. But if it is please help to share this number around so that other people will not answer it.
Carlos10-02-2017 г.
Abogado, disculpe por favor la molestia, solo para verificar con usted si habría recibido los antecedentes del asunto platicado y cuando lo pudieramos molestar para ver si acepta tomar el asunto.
Godwin10-02-2017 г.
The number should be removed and banned from making calls etc.
Mmm10-02-2017 г.
Could i know all of the deatials of these numbers 96895324230
Neil Pedersen10-02-2017 г.
Hi, I just missed your call. Call back now if you like.
Dr. Thati10-02-2017 г.
i got call from where not known and i want who gave my mobile number
Jose10-02-2017 г.
Please send the details for phone no of + 44741974955 & 56 Anonimous call comming from this numbers. Thanks
pranava10-02-2017 г.
i got a call from this number at 2:36 thinking this is a prank call ??so i would like to know the details about this
Berto10-02-2017 г.
Hello ,if you know Rida ,I think you can say to her how get repair Rida phone cell ,firth she could click ajustements ,after click into roaming data and activation ,I think that Will be fine to get phone cell Rida working,in Luxemburgo or abroad ,thanks

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