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ELENA27-09-2017 г.
From this phone wrote to me a man that said is Michael Smith. Yesterday he pushed to help him with a little amount of money. He wrote me a lot everyday. I believe that the person is a scam from UK
Marek i lucyna27-09-2017 г.
Hallo gestern um 15:30 kamen wir glücklich nach Hause. Wir freuen uns, uns an die Momente zu erinnern, die wir mit Ihnen verbracht haben. Wir wünschen Ihnen eine angenehme und glückliche Rückkehr nach Hause L & M
Dương27-09-2017 г.
Cho tôi hỏi đây là số của cơ quan hay cá nhân vậy?Tôi muốn xác định để biết thông tin về bạn tôi vì số điện thoại này đã gọi cho tôi.
Mohammad Bader Abu Asab27-09-2017 г.
هذا الرقم يتصل علي لا اعرف ما الهدف من اتصاله وانا من القدس المحتلة
B27-09-2017 г.
even though he has a lovely voice, the owner of this number is gay as fuck! please be careful whenever he gives you a call!
ASHOK LAHORI27-09-2017 г.
my phone lost in new delhimetro stsation date 24.09.2017
Sally27-09-2017 г.
Ik word gebeld door dit nummer, is dit scam?
sameh azab27-09-2017 г.
I recieved a message from a mrs clara florette in the uk who told me to contact mr andrew martin of zenith bank uk for some amt of money tobe transferred to me she even sent a deposit certificate I want to know if this is authentic
Eli27-09-2017 г.
+60198694143 - this number has been calling me three times and I dont know just who he or she is. He or she wont answer whenever I pick up her or his calls.
chee-chee26-09-2017 г.
Please help me to check this number is scam or real?
Juliana26-09-2017 г.
Someone calliing himself Wester Alex contacted me asking me to add him to whatsapp. Is there really such a person?
Jan Novy26-09-2017 г.
Zajima me majitel tohodle cisla. Je to sileny hulvat a primitiv ktery me obtezuje.
Luis ruggieri26-09-2017 г.
Good evening do you know this number? 21629758109 Thanks!
Anjali26-09-2017 г.
This no sent me dirty msg plz help to find the ture identity of the person.
Olga26-09-2017 г.
hi. you called this morning on the number 89209643010. what would you like to report? Write the reason on the e-mail
Wil scholten26-09-2017 г.
Kunnen jullie dit na kijken of een site voor geven. Is waarschijnlijk scam
Rosario Castiglia26-09-2017 г.
Dieser User von dieser Nr ist von mir angezeigt worden wegen Unterschlagung und betrug Bitte um mithilfe seiner Adresse Wird Polizeichlich noch ermittelt
Uju25-09-2017 г.
+2347063359420 this number has been harassing me please I need a full details on this number thank you.
K. H. M. Shams Uddin25-09-2017 г.
Please; Inform Me For Details of This Person. Because; He Send Me A Mail. Here, I Attach This Mail For Your Kind Information_ [Regional Director: Shri Kanti Kumar Saraf Reserve Bank Of India Regional Office,Our Ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2016/17 Telex: 09331Fund/RBI. Payment File: RBI/Ben/009. Help lines : +13303495641 Help lines : +13312002319 BANKING HOURS Monday-Friday: 9.00 Am - 5.00 Pm Saturday: 9.00 Am -2.00 Pm Our Ref: RBI 830/99/LBC Our Ref: Cbn/Ohg/Oxd1/2016/17 DEAR VALID BENEFICIARY : IN LIEU TO THE TRANSFER OF FUNDS. Fund Release Notification In The Amount Of 500,000.00 Great Britain Pounds. This is to inform you that your mail was received in this office and the content was well noted. For your information, this department will advice you to follow the instruction of the reserve bank of India so that your your unclaimed lottery fund of 500,000.00 GBP , from United State Of America which is UN, pending with the Reserve Bank of India will be converted and transfer to your account. Please note :Below is our agent who we help you there in India in process of your transfer please kindly follow is instructions so that you get your transfer as soon as possible take not you are to forward you details to Mr, Antonio with Id proof thanks for your understanding ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Names : Antonio Naverrate mobile number : +918826840650 Email Address : ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Bank email address Bank email address Bank Branch : New Delhi division Bank names : Reserve Bank Of India Note you are to send a copy of your mail to bank an a copy to the first class diplomat Therefore, we are writing this email to inform you that your 500,000.00 Pounds will be release to you in your name today as soon your conversion amount of 35,500 Rupees is been paid by you for the conversion of your Unclaims amount , as it was committed for (RBI) Governor that Beneficiary will have to pay Conversion and crediting fees only. So you are therefore required to remit the sum 35,500 Rupees for the conversion and crediting of your amount into your account. Thanks And Allah bless you Reserve Bank Of India( Central Bank) General Management (Doctor Urjit R. Patel ) ]
alex25-09-2017 г.
Дорогая бабушка из Беларуси. Запишите номер Гали в записную книжку.Вы постоянно ошибаетесь и пишите смс в Россию.Так Вы сможете сэкономить немного денег.
Daphne 25-09-2017 г.
Is this a scamming number
Cherry25-09-2017 г.
Hey baby . :( how are you. Its been a long time since we last say hello to each other. I miss you that bad. Are you still using your whatsapp acct ? Please message me. I miss you baby.
Lady25-09-2017 г.
Hi, I would like to know who is the owner of this number. He uses to call me on whatsapp. Just wanted to verify his info. Hope you can help me on this. Thank you!
Lisa25-09-2017 г.
Dear Mr.Murad,good day! This is Lisa from BOB-LIFT,crane manufacturer from China. I can not use whatsapp those days in our place,so i can not contact with you,can i know you email address? Regards, Lisa
diego25-09-2017 г.
oferta de préstamo entre particular A raíz de la crisis financiera y económica tiene problemas para conseguir un préstamo en los bancos y otras instituciones financieras. ¿Tiene usted mayor preocupación. Somos un grupo especial con el capital que serán utilizados para otorgar préstamos a las personas en dificultades financieras.Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto por correo: Dirección correo electrónico : Quiere me contactan sobre mi whatssap: +33630650193 Gracias
Алексей24-09-2017 г.
Какая-то стоматологическая хрень, задолбали уже звонить, у меня такое ощущение, что они лечат так же хреново, как и рекламируют свою деятельность
ines24-09-2017 г.
Ho subito delle truffe telefoniche dove figurava che io avessi inviato vari sms a questo numero 393202043252 che neanche sapevo esistesse. Sono riusciti ad insinuarsi nel mio telefono e inviare a pagamento dei sms.!!!!!! Il numero però potrebbe essere di WIND???? Anche perchè anche dal numero MOLTO SIMILE di WIND risulta che io abbia inviato sms ... ma questa è una vera e propria appropriazione indebita.
Khushpreet 23-09-2017 г.
I am trying to connect this number, but this is not geting dial, please help me that is this a spam or a working person number
Abby23-09-2017 г.
This mother fucker is a hacker He hacked my Facebook account and 8ball pool too
YousufAlshwrmani 22-09-2017 г.
هذا الرقم ارسل رسالة كاذبه لاخراج احدهم من بيته لفتره من الزمن بعذر اب ابنه تعرض لحادث اصطدام تم بعدها مباشرة سرقه ذلك المنزل

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