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Christiane Heylen15-03-2017 г.
zoek eigenaar of beller van "phone number
Habtamu15-03-2017 г.
yesterday you call me, please call me again
Habtamu15-03-2017 г.
pleace call me again. yesterday i forgot my phone in my home. I am electrical and computer engineer from ethiopia addis ababe. thank you. call me through my cell phone 0926284236
Anum15-03-2017 г.
Hi, i need to get the details regarding the Jobs in Dubai "MAPCO". My concern is regarding if there is not any fraud ... hope a reply from you soon. Regards Anum
ISMAIL ABDO15-03-2017 г.
please i want to know this number belong to who Regard .
Jagadeesan 15-03-2017 г.
She is my sister she physicalay challenged so I track my Sister number
jayaprasad15-03-2017 г.
send the massages to 9400078621
jayaprasad15-03-2017 г.
please mail the massages from the facebook to the mail id of
Lydia15-03-2017 г.
I missed a call from you. Could I ask who you are? Lydia Bryce
Vinoria Owusua Gyandoh15-03-2017 г.
I spoke to someone around 21:43 on 14th march, 2017 but lost the number. I want that number
Michelle15-03-2017 г.
Responding to your enquiry regarding house and land packages Queensland
Jaya15-03-2017 г.
Hi will you identified the owner of this number?
praad15-03-2017 г.
i got a missed call , who is that
Nishanth15-03-2017 г.
I want who is these nm holder ....who is uusing ..i will get frank call from these nnm
mike hopkins15-03-2017 г.
checking to see if this # is real and why they are texting me
utu15-03-2017 г.
Terry15-03-2017 г.
i want to know who the user of this contact number.
Natalie15-03-2017 г.
Got messages from this number and this person unwilling to prove who he or she is.
Andrew14-03-2017 г.
Scammer trying to have us send him money to rent a house he does not own and lives in Nigeria because he is a "missionary"
Martin14-03-2017 г.
Scam number.
teleisia14-03-2017 г.
i woke up and check my phone and i got a miss called from this number. this is Fiji and a wanted to know how did you got my number and why did you call?
teleisia14-03-2017 г.
how did you get my number and why did you call my number?
максим14-03-2017 г.
звонит постоянно 2 токих номера на канце разные ццифры ! перезваеиваю оператор говорит какуюто ошибку!
Kamesh14-03-2017 г.
Sorry to have missed your call, pls call back.
salim14-03-2017 г.
wach had nmra scam 3afakom jawboni
srihari14-03-2017 г.
i got a missed from this num may i know who is that
Bettenwelt2414-03-2017 г.
Hallo, bitte rufen Sie uns an. Die Spedition kann keinen Termin für die Lieferung des Stapelbettes machen mit freundlichen Grüßen Bettenwelt 24
John14-03-2017 г.
Anyone knows this? Called me yesterday 21:31pm missed it. Redialed and the. Man was working and did not know my. Number?
Olga14-03-2017 г.
Hello. LeeJunHee please be so kind to write me your new number. see you. Cha
Mohammad Abdullah14-03-2017 г.
I received a message from this number, and sender claimed that he is in United Kingdom. Please could you verify it? Regards,

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