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Nabeel Akhter10-06-2018 г.
This number is sending por*ography. Please help me track him
willy10-06-2018 г.
This number called me today 10/06/2016 purporting to make calls from The Cooperative bank of kenya and sought details of my m-banking pin. Kindly let me know if its owner
Sunil09-06-2018 г.
This person makes a video call to people and makes a girl perform n*ked in camera and records the opposite persons video and blackmails people for money or else he wil leak video on YouTube and to family and friend ...
Hans09-06-2018 г.
This number and +21697733766 called me but just 1 signal. Same thing & numbers about a month ago. Seems to be from Tunisia. SCAM! written all over it.
pol boise08-06-2018 г.
Phone call of 2s. spam
africa05-06-2018 г.
he is a bitcoin scammer phill desmond claims to be from los angels
tajudeen towolawi04-06-2018 г.
this person bought goods on credit and refuse to pay me. She ignores my calls and messages because i dont know her name and adress.
Alexander04-06-2018 г.
Номер принадлежит Леше Сахарчуку. Преподаёт уголовное право. Работает юристом в банках. Уб*юдок ещё тот. Па*куда. Мошенник. Занимает в долг, потом кидает. Не рекомендуем связываться.
Akosua Achiaa Boady03-06-2018 г.
sorry i forgot to add my number. but since you have my email address you can reply me there. i also have skype maybe you do too. skype: martmart4 tel: +233 249330719 hope yo hear from you soon. thanks
Arabia?Tunesia?Sokol03-06-2018 г.
Khaled zayn dabbous send me a message in whatsapp : hi But i dont have any contact to a tunesian person so i‘m afraid that he can be from the is or a radical . I asked some arabic friends and they told me to block him. +216 54 476 820
Samsar Kraheb02-06-2018 г.
Samsar Kraheb
ez02-06-2018 г.
hi,kairie,do u have more details bout this scammer? thank u
Azhan Aziz02-06-2018 г.
Call me many times..when I pick up..silence..laugh..crazy..who this crazy caller
Azhan Aziz01-06-2018 г.
Call my wife number and talk s*x
veronika seibert01-06-2018 г.
Hallo,ich bekomme seid Wochen immer WhatsApp Nachrichten von dieser Nummer,bei mir nennt er sich James Boris.Ich fand aber seine Bilder im Internet mit einem ganz anderen Namen.Ist diese Nummer mit Namen Regestriert
fatou tague01-06-2018 г.
bonjour vous mavez envoye un sms de confirmation de mon compte et le sms est lu par kelcun ki espionne mon compte il a utilise ce code il a lui mem demander ces renseignemen il detenai mon call 781861256 est ce num
Arun Sarin30-05-2018 г.
CAlled with recorded automated message that I have committed a serious CRA fraud and to call back. Fishy to say the least.
Subhasish Ghosh30-05-2018 г.
I missed a call from this number. Call be back if required, +91 9740013630
George Lyd29-05-2018 г.
Called more than 6 times in a day. I sent sms telling i could not speak cuz of microphone issue. However, they kept calling. I picked up and they pretended that they are looking for sb else and that maybe they have a wrong number. However, they insisted on asking for my personal info full name, address etc. Clear personal data stealing scheme. Woman voice. Caution
francine29-05-2018 г.
receiving call from this number on my swiss mobile phone. rings just 1 time
orlando Palomeque28-05-2018 г.
me han llamado de este numero,mi nombre es Orlando Palomeque
Miguel Figueiredo28-05-2018 г.
missing calls only rings one time
korir daniel kipchirichir28-05-2018 г.
A hardworking, determined and humble guy.
MARIA JOSE27-05-2018 г.
Rendat,Beritt26-05-2018 г.
Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, ich werde sehr offt von dieser Nummer angeschrieben und auch angerufen. Gemäß meiner Informationen, gehört diese Nummer einen Herrn Steffens, Uwe. Meine Frage - ist hinter dieser Nr +49 15735990645 tatsächlich Herr Steffens, Uwe als besitzer der Nummer hinterlegt. Ich Danke Ihnen ganz herzlich für ihre Rückmeldung. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Beritt Rendat
Маша Илиева26-05-2018 г.
Scam/fishing calls
CASEY TAN26-05-2018 г.
May i know this num is property agent??
Danielle25-05-2018 г.
Trying to send you a message cuz unable to call internationally. Missed your call please try back. Thank you.
Zekarias Mulat Wone25-05-2018 г.
I recommended from Mother Catherine Marine to give you the my information as you are bank manager. Full name; Zekarias Mulat Wone Address; Dilla Ethiopia Country;Ethiopia Addis Ababa E-mail; Phone no;+251926196313 Marital status;single Occupation;lecturer at University Through above information by checking to transfer the fund from mother catherine marine here is below catherine marine security code as she gave me. Depositors name;Mrs catherine marine Batch no;66840090040 Year Deposited;2001 Secret Question ; Who is Depositer Answer;Mr and Mrs marina Security Code;90600040020
Orhan Tug25-05-2018 г.
you called me today but I was busy. Now, I dont have credit to call you could you call me back?. 381621078592

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