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Arjun27-03-2018 г.
I am getting calls from this number but not able to connect.Please give me the details of the caller.
Shivaji J26-03-2018 г.
Please inform me the owner of this mobile no.
anonymous26-03-2018 г.
You wanna buy a car, they will get your money. Number is used by criminals
Massimo26-03-2018 г.
il mio numero olistico
Hasan26-03-2018 г.
Gay service hotline spam number
yau26-03-2018 г.
ZANA26-03-2018 г.
Good Day. I get whatsap from this number. May I know who owner this number. TQ
TonyRayAdams26-03-2018 г.
Lifetime line
Jihad26-03-2018 г.
اريد اعرف هوية صاحب الرقم
jan25-03-2018 г.
I want to know information about the number
Anonymous25-03-2018 г.
Unsolicited message: Dear gamer Our event "XXX" will take place in XXX , on XXX NN XXX and XXX N XXX . Go to XXX for tickets. A lot of surprises will be waiting for you. For more info , check our web site : XXX or our facebook page XXX
musiya sharon25-03-2018 г.
would like to know full names of the person using this number
Muhamad Ridhuan Abdullah25-03-2018 г.
Scammer number. Dont trust them.
George25-03-2018 г.
Hello Need to know who own this number because he is a theft
Mel24-03-2018 г.
Harassing phone calls all hours of the night!! International number have not got a clue who it is. In the process of blocking number. Absolute nuciance
apka shubh chintak24-03-2018 г.
this is a phishing phone no. and they are trying to get people to give out their ATM Pin No so that they can do transection with their id
Naheda Imtiaz Pathan 24-03-2018 г.
Not sure my message got registered. But want to file a police complaint. Against this number.
Naheda Imtiaz Pathan 24-03-2018 г.
This is the number of a girl, whom my husband is having a relationship. She is a gold digger. Left her countryfor France, but women like her are available dime a dozen, and after using other males, now she is tired so hooked up with an Indian, as the fascination of foreign goods by Indian males is well known! The name is Laila Hasnoui
منصور زهير ابراهيم مغاري23-03-2018 г.
اريد معرفة صاحب الرقم المدون اعلاه
police22-03-2018 г.
There have been abusive msgs coming from this number to girls. This snumber needs to be reported and the sender needs to be severely punished.
Moses otiato22-03-2018 г.
Requesting call,messages and charts for above phone number 0723351460. The info might save my marriage.
Michael Viberg Pedersen22-03-2018 г.
Hi Steffen, trying to reach you regarding bar control system for Hotel. Please write or call on +4523986224
Aseem22-03-2018 г.
Have calling many times
Jim22-03-2018 г.
Hello Dan, Tried to find you and your friends at Full Moon, however we never saw you. Please drop me an email as I like to stay in touch with good people! BTW - thought it was great and will hopefully go back someday! Cheers, Jim
Peta22-03-2018 г.
Toto číslo volá mému příteli.chci zjistit, kdo je to
Theresa Ingledew21-03-2018 г.
Important!! I would like to buy this number for our company in Bulgaria. Please if someone knows the owner contact me.
Marilú21-03-2018 г.
Hola buen día quisiera tener información, por favor quien realmente es esta persona el dueño de este teléfono +447791600054 lo conocí en medio de latín América cupido,me enamore y sólo se que se llama raydmon,y o estoy en Perú,y hay algo que no me cuadra,no me dice su apellido ,derrepende es un hombre que le guste jugar con los sentimiento x favor se les agradecería información
Maltese National21-03-2018 г.
Nuisance call, repeatedly calling my number without allowing time to be answered.
vheygie21-03-2018 г.
0583183313 0592461906 can u tell me whos number is this because they called me ... i waiting a call from someone
Manhart Simon 21-03-2018 г.
Diese Nummer belästigt uns seit Wochen. Bitte um Information. Vielen Dank. Simon Manhart

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