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Information of +390393505055

Variations of phone numbers: +39(039) 350-5055, (039) 350-5055, 039-350-5055, +39 039-350-5055 or 39 039 350 5055
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Angelica San Pedro28-10-2017 г.
Hi Good day ! May I know whos this your calling me twice. Thank you and have a nice day
Marife Cero13-02-2020 г.
I want to know the completw name who owns this number
boucherit10-09-2016 г.
Without words, love does not exist, it is a word building. You and I are joined us and understood by these words constitutes and expresses our feelings, soft have been conquered and unified by love.
AIzen28-09-2016 г.
Julo (his name) told me in Vienna Main Train Station that he needs a few hundred Euro to get back to Czech Republic, because his bag with 300 Euro, passport and so on has been stolen. I gave him the money and he promised me that he is going to bring my money back within 2 days. He gave me his phone number to stay in contact. The day he said he is going to bring my money he called me, that he needs again 200 Euro and wanted to give me his banking account, I told him I cant and that I need my money back as promised. Now I cant reach him anymore. If you got in contact with him, call the police and take him to task as quick as possible! And if possible, conctact me too. Btw; his 2nd number is: +421949301900
هيثم القيسي19-09-2017 г.
Hello This number is harassing me and threatening you with violence and s*xual harassment. Please take the necessary action and stop the service مرحباً هذا الرقم يقوم بمضايقتي والتهديد بالعنف والتحرش الجنسي ارجوا منكم اتخاذ الاجراءات اللازمة وايقاف الخدمة عليه
Cula 09-10-2019 г.
Just want to know the location of this number
DHVANIT DALAL24-08-2016 г.
HI I am son in law of Mr. Gautam Shah and Mrs. Bela Shah. Heard news about Italy Earthquake, just wanted to check are they okay? is everyone in your tour is okay? please confirm ASAP.

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