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Information of +61340512570

Variations of phone numbers: +61(3) 4051-2570, (3) 4051-2570, 3-4051-2570, +61 3-4051-2570 or 61 3 4051 2570
Possible Locations:
Yugo-Vostochnaya Avstraliya,Australia

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1. Gus Singh17-05-2023 г.
Some buffoon claiming her program will make 10000$ a day. Clown.
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Recent comments on other numbers:

Rue29-10-2017 г.
Hi this number is free to be text 2 pounds for you when you text my friend
Celepru05-07-2020 г.
Security alert: OBT & Ritualist in Nigeria(facebook). The user of this phone number - +2347031559417 goes by the name Kings Eze on facebook but tells people that his name is Kingsley Chinonso Eze. He claims to be from Enugu State but resides in Awka, Anambra State. His target is rich single ladies who he sees their social status by goong through their activities on social media. He will claim to love the lady. He gives time while persuading her. After many months of persuasion for hard ladies, He will locate them. He goes with charms , he will tell the lady to empty her account that he wants to prove what real love is. He has come to change her life as a proof of his love. He usually come with paper thats cut into money size and wraps it in a black nylon which he will show the lady that he brought money for her but must hand it to her when he is sure he is accepted. Unfortunately, he will persuade her to go show him her parents for marriage introduction. At this point the lady must have emptied her account. He will demand to eat the ladies food and be served as a husband. He ensure he has unprotected s*x with the lady, up till now no one knows his reasons for unprotected s*x. Though not yet proven but it is suspected that he uses ladies for rituals. He is accused of killing many ladies". This is to inform the general public that the user of this phone number (07031559417) focuses on IMO, Rivers, Enugu, Anambra and Abia States. He claim to have obtain different degrees from different universities. He talks of his father Francis Eze and his only multi billionaire brother who is resides in Spain... This information is to inform the security agencies of this boy of about 36 years old who is currently in Owerri to do their best in apprehending the so called facebook Kings Eze.
Michel Segers01-08-2017 г.
Beste, Gelieve me dringend te contacteren ivm de huurwaarborg. Deze is niet in orde en het contract vervalt dan eind deze week. U kan me bereiken op 0477934668
małgosia14-09-2016 г.
Yesterday sombody called from this number? abot 23.20 Its maseges from Poland - Łódź małgorzata
Hacker10-04-2020 г.
A very bad person forges documents and deceives people using the psychology of pressure and manipulation
Javier09-04-2016 г.
Hola giuli; cómo estas? hace mucho tiempo estoy tratando de ubicarte, mi intención no es molestarte , lo único que quiero es conservar lo bueno de cada uno de nosotros, sabes que te quiero mucho y que podes contar conmigo para lo que quieras y siempre que quieras. No me gustaría perderte como persona, al menos respondeme para saber que estas bien. Besos Javier. 094534622
batth25-02-2017 г.
Found a lost iPhone of this person and want to contact you.

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61340512569+61(3) 4051-2569 / (3) 4051-2569 / 3-4051-2569 / +61 3-4051-2569 / 61 3 4051 2569Yugo-Vostochnaya Avstraliya,Australia
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