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sam10-02-2020 г.
He got my service, promised to do bank transaction, and he fake out the transaction screenshot. ended up i did not receive the payment and he blocked me everywhere. Scammer, avoid this guy
neocarvajal10-02-2020 г.
This Number was used in Facebook accounts that were hacked in Venezuela. After cloning the phone number for Facebook recovery and entering the account they are dedicated to contact users inviting them to add via WhatsApp to try to scam the contacts making currency exchange (dollars in this case).
Idiot09-02-2020 г.
Must be scammer. Just rang twice & hanged up. I did not bother to call back. Area code was from MALAYSIA
not important09-02-2020 г.
This person called me and I have no clue who they are and what they want.
Láďa09-02-2020 г.
Potřebuji detail tohoto čísla, volá mi a vůbec hodně neznám, díky
Кыржеу Юрий 08-02-2020 г.
Эти люди кидают на деньги тех кто хочет купить машины!!! Хотед б узнать кто он?
Alex valle08-02-2020 г.
I want to know information about this number
Josephine Kunny08-02-2020 г.
Just wanted to know the real name of the owner...
Pablo 07-02-2020 г.
This man is selling his cotton very very expensive.I will never buy from him.In that price I would buy from Usbekistan or from Turkey.I am sorry man but I had to write feedback for you.
Syasya07-02-2020 г.
Scammer..i want detail this number cause him try to get a money in my mom...
Syasya07-02-2020 г.
Zsiga károlyné07-02-2020 г.
Nekem eről a telefon számrol kaptam egy sms. De nem is az hogy kaptam hanem még hogy étkezet nélkül let el küldve Kedves Ugyfelunk! On 3. helyen vegzett a Februar nyeremeny sorsolason, amelyet 2020/02/07-en tartottunk. Nyeremenyet atveheti
Nikita07-02-2020 г.
been07-02-2020 г.
Anonymous07-02-2020 г.
Scam Caller
Мирослав 06-02-2020 г.
Украл деньги
Ned06-02-2020 г.
Scam number! DO NOT CALL OR OPEN ANY MESSAGES FROM THAT NUMBER! they will try to hijack you!!
Σπυρίδων06-02-2020 г.
I would like whos number is this? They/he/she called me thins morning and didnt speak.... Iam afraid of cheater
Kim06-02-2020 г.
Phone number given in an apparently handwritten letter placed in my letterbox supposedly by a passer-by interested in buying my house. ‘Handwriting’ was actually a font and author a real estate agent.
Sonia06-02-2020 г.
Queria saber quem é este numero pq me está fazendo ameaças me pedir dinheiro somas grandes portanto saber de quem este numero. Tbm tem 32487776015 é da mesma pessoa. Se poderem ajudar em saber de quem este numero e de onde pais.
Duke omboto ogega05-02-2020 г.
please i want information for these number +5926073099
Arquimedes Jaén 05-02-2020 г.
I´m need information of that number, please.
Алексей Т****чук05-02-2020 г.
Алексей Т****чук из Одессы, заказывает товар по почте, просит выслать БЕЗ предоплаты, называется взрослым серьёзным человеком, в итоге посылку НЕ забирает и не отвечает на звонки.
Mary04-02-2020 г.
+5926073092 This no. Been calling for three days any information about it?
Kunal03-02-2020 г.
4917693525768 this is the fake call of me please sir details me with name
Vitaly03-02-2020 г.
Whose number is +306946172668? I need to know whose number is.
vtel03-02-2020 г.
this number is constantly calling me.
Sirpa03-02-2020 г.
This is a cheater using other people ID on date sites. Contacts in UK and in Africa. He tried to blackmail me again
Kim Jong Trois03-02-2020 г.
this guy is an italian scammer with number +393512811719
Philip 02-02-2020 г.
I called this couple one time and whatsapp. The man called me back and threatened me. Said he would track me down and visit me. Scared the hell out of me. I am glad he stopped after 3 weeks! Philip is not my real name.

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