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Desconosido 30-12-2022 г.
Este número me aparece en mi teléfono en Chrome me pueden dar Toda la información sobre el
Mohamed2229-12-2022 г.
اريد معلومات عن هذا الشخص يراسلني بلواتس ولا اعام ماذا يريد
Adolph Eichmann29-12-2022 г.
Some Zionist scam calling in the early hours of the morning.
Benin Bum29-12-2022 г.
Beware of scammer Susan Andrew and William James from Benin in Africa. From Mrs Susan Andrew 0222 hrs 281222 CONTACT THIS EMAIL FOR A TRANSFER IN YOUR NAMES. Director Mr.William James Email: Telephone Number: +22998624740 Thanks Mrs Susan Andrew
Nacho Libre 29-12-2022 г.
Sydney based crypto Scammer
Nacho Libre 29-12-2022 г.
Wangiri Scammer.
Ken Ortega29-12-2022 г.
Sydney based crypto Scammer
Ervard Tehmool Hammonds28-12-2022 г.
Crypto Scammer
Bisnu adhikari28-12-2022 г.
Bank Pin Scammer
Amar Anthony 27-12-2022 г.
Evil leeches. Never give up hassling folks. Scammer
Charles Gorbachev Darwin27-12-2022 г.
Another bozo calling from Darwin Australia. Scammer
AMJAAD KAHN27-12-2022 г.
Another crypto Scammer idiot
AMJAAD KAHN27-12-2022 г.
Sydney scammer scum
AMJAAD KAHN26-12-2022 г.
What is it with these Australia based scammers today. All Scum from Sydney.
Erach Postvala26-12-2022 г.
Says her name is Melania Pussyface. Some Aussie tramp making crank calls
AMJAAD KAHN26-12-2022 г.
EVIL SCAMMERS running CTP scam.
Erach Postvala26-12-2022 г.
Sahookar scammer again. Very bad man.
Erach Postvala26-12-2022 г.
One more chutya scammer from Sydney Australia. I think his name is Cyrus Sahookar. Scum.
Seamus Van Dublin26-12-2022 г.
Scammer by name of CaMoron oops Cameron. Likes to prank call everyone in the middle of the night.
Cheick24-12-2022 г.
Je veux supprimer tout les numéros
clinckart24-12-2022 г.
Attempted extortion of banking information
Neima22-12-2022 г.
I want to know the current location of this number because it disturbs me at night and calls reapteadly
I would like to know the current place this number because it disturb me all at night22-12-2022 г.
The location of this number
Tababary21-12-2022 г.
Who you are????
mm21-12-2022 г.
Warren wandera20-12-2022 г.
I missed your call yesterday pls Call again
Kayo Sattha19-12-2022 г.
Wangiri Scammer be careful in response. From mobile +61415845462 - Important note: If the overdue record is too long, it may affect credit
Bilyana19-12-2022 г.
Имам пропуснато от този номер +359895459315 моля ако знаете на кого е да ми кажете
Homee Doodlesack Dalal19-12-2022 г.
This ghelchodya scammer running car insurance CTP racket. All chutyas
Mohamed Zakaria17-12-2022 г.
Senior Digital Marketing
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