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Yanuris27-01-2020 г.
Hola, he recibido llamadas desde este numero de telefono y no se quien es, me gustaría saber quien llama.
Benjamin treminio27-01-2020 г.
I want to know if this number 447520629798really belong to a company (named::::::GLOBAL TRADE DISTRIBUTION lIMITED*this gay is selling iphone i guess he asociated with a fake chiping company too
+37529217075527-01-2020 г.
Часто стал звонить этот номер. Хочу убедиться что это настоящий номер а не мошенники или интернет магазин.
Liudmela26-01-2020 г.
Hi. I would like know who is using this numer phone. Thank you so much.
Rojas 25-01-2020 г.
A quien le pertenece este número de celular 22966778539 o el 557481163753 esta persona dise que es HENRY DOIRON
Chuck24-01-2020 г.
International call hang up
Meg24-01-2020 г.
Nummer +96892612868 lässt kurz klingen und legt auf. Ist schon des öfteren passiert, dass zum Thema Datenschutz. Ich bin nirgendwo eingetragen.
Gert23-01-2020 г.
Phishing bank
Masim23-01-2020 г.
It is Spam?
Walter Del Gallo23-01-2020 г.
This phone number sent me threatening messages, stating they are watching me, investigating me and have a contract to kill me
Flipper23-01-2020 г.
Dicky Dicky Dum Dum23-01-2020 г.
Scammer and thief
Kim Jong Trois23-01-2020 г.
Wangiri Scammer from Australia
Dick Dastradlee23-01-2020 г.
Paypal and lottery scammer from Philippines +631800560831
Kim Jong Deux23-01-2020 г.
caller is +61288239159 - wangiri scammer from sydney australia.
Jose22-01-2020 г.
de este numero llamar para hacer estafas de "mision vivienda" o "casa bien equipada"
David21-01-2020 г.
Hay, this is David from FBI. This is an illegal number that you are using. WARNING:STOP DISTURBING PEOPLE.
Vero21-01-2020 г.
Este número es de un DEGENERADO que hace video llamadas, envia mensajes morbosos y fotos de sus g*nitales.
rus21-01-2020 г.
es un estafador cuidado con este numero
Ari Kay Meta21-01-2020 г.
Telemarketer calling. spammer
Imran Tamboli20-01-2020 г.
I wanted to know all detail about this number
Dianne Miller20-01-2020 г.
I think he is try to extort money from me. I think he is a scammer
Svetlana20-01-2020 г.
I had an incoming call from this phone number
Ari Kay Meta20-01-2020 г.
Some Infidel telemarketer selling his western wares. Time waster infidel telemarketer. allahoakbar
normal briceño20-01-2020 г.
información hacerla de la ubicación de mi telefono
Underwear19-01-2020 г.
This fraud and bank sindicate..warning his trickies
Sebas19-01-2020 г.
These people keep calling me, anyone noticed this before?
Micheal19-01-2020 г.
This person owes me money
Leen Sies19-01-2020 г.
Could you please tell me who this number belongs to?
This person texts me and wont say who thay are .18-01-2020 г.
Please can you tell me where this number is from

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