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Sam06-07-2021 г.
+96550801039 scam caller, huawei mobile service, stc kw registration call scammer.
Margareth M.06-07-2021 г.
It is a number for a north american man or woman, who contacts you by Facebook Dating, maybe other more, he or she have a convincing story: he has a sick mother in Taiwan and he supposed to live in London, from asiatic parents, he wanted to know a good person in his life, because is getting older, and have two jobs to afford the expenses of his mother, he uses photos from internet, (I think is from asiatic necklaces page) he ask for pictures or information about you, be careful!!!.
lovetruth04-07-2021 г.
This guy keeps saying odd stuff and hangs up. What could he want and who is he?...
G02-07-2021 г.
This number does NOT belong to Ken. Stop calling me.
HshwuBa02-07-2021 г.
David Molina01-07-2021 г.
Este es el numero de mi esposa, se le daño la sin y queremos recuperar el numero no recuerdo si esta a mi nombre o el de ella esperamos no se le dio a otra persona el #
Sara vasque01-07-2021 г.
Me gustaría saber de quien es el número 50497180275, que me llamo dos veces y no tengo registro del número.
One29-06-2021 г.
Becarefulll this scammer order n book item but then when we delivered he no respons
dina28-06-2021 г.
Quisiera saber a quien pertenece este número. Según es Foundation de DUBAI United Árabes Emirates, pero no la conozco
Dina Luís da Cruz28-06-2021 г.
someone is calling me from this number and i do not know the number
Alex24-06-2021 г.
Annoying caller it calls in the middle of the night and just annoys
Juman jameel20-06-2021 г.
I wanna know how owns this number
ayman19-06-2021 г.
Scammer number dont trust
Matt17-06-2021 г.
Hello, can you tell me the full name and address of this phone number: 35679425364 Thank you
michelle perkins17-06-2021 г.
michelle is a rude vile scammer
charlier jean16-06-2021 г.
sms recu
Aziz16-06-2021 г.
My nomer
Timur16-06-2021 г.
I need to know the person name and the address of this number and location
homoka gara15-06-2021 г.
phone got stolen.
Roberto beltran14-06-2021 г.
Estafadores, timadores extorsionistas denuncia de linea
Kadiri james11-06-2021 г.
I need my u s number
Bouquin 10-06-2021 г.
Puis je avoir l adresse correspondante à ce numéro qui semblerait être un hôpital merci
sal09-06-2021 г.
who is the owner of this number?
Getachew Merga09-06-2021 г.
I need the owner and current location of this phone number
Frank05-06-2021 г.
Anyone with information regarding the owner of this number. Please, I need to verify.
hormos01-06-2021 г.
ارجو تزويدي بكل الصور والمعلومات لصاحب هذا الرقم لانه يهددني بالقتل
Martha Cárdenas29-05-2021 г.
Quisiera saber a quien pertenece este número. Según es Ahmmera Dahab de United Árabes Emirates, pero no la conozco
Sangaré Fatimata 27-05-2021 г.
this nr 0022373537364 a very talented scammer, works in complicity with scammers from Benin, help us find this man
Yousef Taany24-05-2021 г.
I recently got a missed call from this number +97433223486. Can I know whom does this number belongs to?
HAYFA DIAB24-05-2021 г.
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