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Stevo Anals17-08-2023 г.
Scammer asking for BANK PIN in exchange for NFT.
Lew B17-08-2023 г.
Abusive scammer. Beware.
Sthefany 17-08-2023 г.
Quiero entrar a este WhatsApp
Ye 16-08-2023 г.
The Number called a lot of people and saying bad words .. need his information and his country use the number
AMJAAD KAHN15-08-2023 г.
Some scamming fool from Birmingham UK
0808107068215-08-2023 г.
hello i just wanted to know if you are alright
Francis15-08-2023 г.
i need my number back
Franz G14-08-2023 г.
franz is an abusive scammer. beware of this abusive kraut. the devil of lismore, nsw
Виктор 13-08-2023 г.
hola yo11-08-2023 г.
hey wassup do u want sale ur phone number?
Ebrat 09-08-2023 г.
Hi need block this number: 93700900064
Nemo09-08-2023 г.
интернет мошенники отправляет смс +998974061717 с этого номера просит позвонит на этот номер +998901864128 чтоб звонили и потом опс. остерегайтес!!!
Islombek Karimov08-08-2023 г.
He is stealing peoples money.
Manchester Munchie Cama08-08-2023 г.
Some scammer from Manchester UK. CRYPTO CURRENCY SCAMMER.
Preshy07-08-2023 г.
This number stole my phone and made away with my money. I really need to know who dis person is with a picture and location
صالح سالم عبدالغني 05-08-2023 г.
اريد موقع الهاتف 967734035247
صالح اليافعي 05-08-2023 г.
اريد موقع الرقم
Sena nahil05-08-2023 г.
Whos this sim card name
Vivian03-08-2023 г.
I want to know the owner of the phone number ±233249690399
Roger N03-08-2023 г.
Scam Bot call Aussi Just hang up
Tanya 03-08-2023 г.
crazy maori scammer
Franz G03-08-2023 г.
Franz is a scamming twat.
Kuwaiti02-08-2023 г.
Scam Bot call Just hang up
Anonymous02-08-2023 г.
I got called by this number on my mobile phone via whatsapp, it may be a scam call. I do not live on the same continent.
Rajaa ibrahim01-08-2023 г.
This man us a member if fraud group . In cairo
Tahmina01-08-2023 г.
Пусть мне позвонит срочно
Xi Jeng Peng31-07-2023 г.
Some man from South Carolina USA
Archie Black31-07-2023 г.
Another cryptocurrency scammer Sydney Australia
Sam Sunjeeb Mohibur31-07-2023 г.
Some man from Sydney Australia saying he is from ANZ BANK. Asked for OTP. Scum.
AMJAAD KAHN31-07-2023 г.
Some Slavic scammer pedo
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