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filipe07-03-2020 г.
I am not sure, but pretty confident this is a scam type of number. In the same day I got a call from this number (I have never been to and know no one from Tunisia) and google verification codes on my phone (which I have never gotten before unrequested). It is suspicious, beware.
Joseph Stig07-03-2020 г.
Called me on Viber from this number. Told me that I won the 10K $ )))))))). SCAM.
Adane abriham07-03-2020 г.
This number call me many times and I need to know the identity of this person
René07-03-2020 г.
Veni, vidi, ego suadeo :-) Accommodation in Croatia - all in the best order I recommend
assirac07-03-2020 г.
I received a call for that number then turned off
A07-03-2020 г.
Is this a scam no?
Vilu06-03-2020 г.
Anat Graham05-03-2020 г.
Blacklisted agency / avoid
Ясен05-03-2020 г.
Hello ! Can you tell me what this number is
Francois05-03-2020 г.
un dangereux prédateur
Anand05-03-2020 г.
Hi, I received a call from this number. May I know who is this
Araceli García 05-03-2020 г.
Quiero saber quien es el propietario. Para saber si es quien me contactó
qwe05-03-2020 г.
This guy is a scammer
Anna05-03-2020 г.
I think this is a scam. They send me a message that my payment account was going to be blocked because of suspicious behaviour with a link. Unfortunately for them they said they were from the wrong bank...
Sebastian Dold05-03-2020 г.
Spam and unapropriate messages
Benoit05-03-2020 г.
Chris05-03-2020 г.
Please provide info on the person belonging to this number. thank you
susy04-03-2020 г.
it is a cheater No.Pls dond believe any information from them
Jeroen Zandstra04-03-2020 г.
"A friend of you is staying in our hotel, he is arrested and asks you to pay his bond, he will pay you back"... SCAM!
rte04-03-2020 г.
Spy, thief, fraud,
Dmitry04-03-2020 г.
Хочу узнать, кто мне позвонил и наговорил непонятно чего.
Lhou Afounas04-03-2020 г.
モロッコ リヤドマムーシュ リアドマムーシュ マムーシュ Riad Mamouche RiadMamouche ハッサン・ママ ハッサンママ Morocco Hassan Mama HassanMama hassanfmama Lhou Afounas 国際ロマンス詐欺 LhouAfounas
NDORI Victor04-03-2020 г.
This number keeps calling me asking for money, please can block her.
zac04-03-2020 г.
they kept calling me over and over and i dont know how they got my number because my number is private
Damon04-03-2020 г.
Pls, help me to find this phone number holder info. This phone number holder is using my friend name to cheat other people money!
????03-03-2020 г.
cette personne se prens pour un hacker et il emmerde les gens.
Anoniem02-03-2020 г.
Dit is een SMS oplichter, niet in trappen hij wilt je bankgegevens achterhalen.
Noor Wali02-03-2020 г.
Please tell me the name of the owner of this phone number including the address.
Imran02-03-2020 г.
A scammer, I just want to know if this number is registered to the same person
Ali aljazwy02-03-2020 г.
+218926267157اريد ان اعرف صاحب هذا الرقم اتصل بي ويريد مال

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