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gideon owusu20-08-2019 г.
he stole my iphone so help me get his location
Beauprez Maurice20-08-2019 г.
beller geeft zich uit voor autoverkoper in een bericht met veel taalfouten,wat verdacht overkomt.Ik denk dat het een persoon van vreemde origine is.Dit bericht werd ontvangen door zieke bejaarde persoon (schoonbroer) Met dank
Dr Wang20-08-2019 г.
No idea who this is. They will not answer. Most likely a collection agency. I am in Toronto, Canada
Wise20-08-2019 г.
This number several times text me did not want say whom is
Sonia Faiz20-08-2019 г.
Received phone calls where none talks and WhatsApp messages from this number.
Tom20-08-2019 г.
Calls in the middle of the night and saying nothing. Than calling from couple several numbers
Ayeong Tino19-08-2019 г.
i want to know who is the mobile number owner
star19-08-2019 г.
This person is pedofil!
Bruno REVERSADE19-08-2019 г.
dog adoption scam
Zdislav Sima19-08-2019 г.
Z tohoto telefonniho cisla chodi na jiny mobil SMS zpravy, ktere ono cislo neodeslalo, cili na spojeni se dostal ,,heker". Tezka zavada spojeni.
dimitri19-08-2019 г.
it is annoying day and night and early morning
Alter Ego18-08-2019 г.
This person tries to doxx via whatsapp
Toni18-08-2019 г.
Whats the Location of this number ?
Arjen de Landgraaf18-08-2019 г.
think this is a banking phish.
Abendroete18-08-2019 г.
This number +381 63 8394912 belongs to a Serbian woman, who attracts men in WhatsApp, at the end she asks money. Please report this number/woman to the police.
Debora Käslin Specia18-08-2019 г.
This Person contact me, who ist this ?
DILRABO18-08-2019 г.
bu aferist odamni nomeri Bahodir Tursunov aferist shu nomerdan foydalanadi 168 bn sudlangan shu nomerdan chiqsa ishonmela
Anonymous18-08-2019 г.
Spam number
Ricardo Malonzo18-08-2019 г.
present location of the caller
Fuck U*17-08-2019 г.
This Motherfucker calls me at 00:30 what a f*cking
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