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Alen28-03-2020 г.
This number sends me threatening massages to me and my wife. Could you please let me know who called? Thanks in advance Best regards Alen
Ali obide28-03-2020 г.
إبراهيم عبدالله حميد قائد الفهيدي967775369208
Gopal singh28-03-2020 г.
I want check who is owner this SIM card.
Baha28-03-2020 г.
He call in all time plz can you tel me the possition of this phone number
Enrico28-03-2020 г.
Chimano di solito anche con sms per indicare di ricaricare il quanto il credito è esaurito
Enrico28-03-2020 г.
Chiama ogni tanto con sms che indica di ricaricare il cellulare in quanto è esaurita la ricarica,magari effettuata 10gg prima!
Verni veliz27-03-2020 г.
Quisiera saber a quien pertenece el numero +50255330611 ya q he recibido llamadas de acoso
Mitko27-03-2020 г.
this number calls me neat
Berhane27-03-2020 г.
I had an incoming call from this number
DELFOSSE Liliane26-03-2020 г.
hello, I received the following message on my mobile phone and not a smartphone, but I don’t know whatit relates to "Bonjour Liliane, votre commande #54-341339 a été livré au point de I did not click on the numbers, since it is a mobile phone. Can you help me? Thank you in advance.
Silvia26-03-2020 г.
+4917647666941..können sie mir helfen zu wem diese Nummer gehört??
Кира26-03-2020 г.
А мне тоже такой номер пару раз звонил, девушка приятным голосом интересовалась моим отдыхом с сайта Захiд Курорт Предлагала и в этом году к ним приехать.
Naushad 25-03-2020 г.
Help me please locate the owner of this mobile number.Thanks
demahom25-03-2020 г.
This Tunesian number calls you one time so you need to call back the other phone number they use is +21690348583
BM25-03-2020 г.
Dit telefoonnummer is van Karel(Carlo)Lenting! 14-01-1966. geboren in Doetinchem
MAX25-03-2020 г.
Presumo trattasi di PING CALL dalla Tunisia. Fanno squillo e attaccano, sperando che il destinatario lo richiami. Azzerano in pochi secondi il credito SIM del telefono. Non so se funziona anche su abbonamento, con esiti ben più gravi.
Selvaratnam25-03-2020 г.
he is an abusive south indian who lives in melbourne victoria. calls at odd hours
HaBIB KamelToe25-03-2020 г.
Habib is an abusive arab from Australia. he stalks young girls beware of this sick arab
Дмитрий24-03-2020 г.
Видел сегодня звонок с данного номера-не успел взять трубку. Может кто знает, кто звонить постоянно?
Dan24-03-2020 г.
Who is this person disturbing my wife kindly help me to identify him . My wife said he is called Fred . His. Number is 0700798847
Abdullah 23-03-2020 г.
نعم انها فتاة تتواصل معي منذ فترة طويلة وتريد الزواج وأريد أن أعرف معلومات أكثر عنها
Elek23-03-2020 г.
It rings for 1-2 seconds and then hangs up. Harassing.
A N M Rafiqual23-03-2020 г.
this is a fake number. never call back to this number.
Jamie Boo23-03-2020 г.
Fake online cryptocurrency scammer. Bitcoin fake tether fake number. Dont call him.
Michelle Lim23-03-2020 г.
This is a fake burner phone number. Cryptocurrency scammer in Malaysia. Bitcoin agent scammer.
Private22-03-2020 г.
Ich suche wer and wo ist der Besitzer von das Nummer.
Бичкова Альона Андріївна21-03-2020 г.
Звонки в ночное время
valentin kirov21-03-2020 г.
393511426788 whos is this Number who colling me Yesterday
Peter20-03-2020 г.
Who is the owner of that number please
Majed abd20-03-2020 г.
This number sent an offensif message.I would like to know the owner.Thank you.

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