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Anthony 08-12-2022 г.
Give me please this number
Mike Hunt07-12-2022 г.
Car Insurance Scammer. Saying they are from some mysterious insurance firm called CTP and they require our phone and bank account details for Verification. DONT TELL THEM ANYTHING.
ابوطالب07-12-2022 г.
اريد معرفه اسم صاحب هذا الرقم
Naia07-12-2022 г.
مرحبا اريد معرفة مالك هذا الرقم 07511019720
Soo Edmund05-12-2022 г.
Ned to know the whereabouts of this number
Mako02-12-2022 г.
У меня нет фото этого человека, но знайте:если Вам звонят с номера 8025 609 03 89- это ВОР И МОШЕННИК!
mark01-12-2022 г.
SCAMMERS with "interac deposit" pending
Mike Hunt01-12-2022 г.
Scammer sending texts - Delete ALL Stored messages from your phone !
Abdo Eltiraifi29-11-2022 г.
My sim blocked I need to retrieve my Whatsup accountJ
Is this number scamner28-11-2022 г.
14165872501 is this number a scammer number
abdallh28-11-2022 г.
مرحبا اريد معرفت داخل الرقم هذا
Andrzej 28-11-2022 г.
Colonel Voodoo Magick27-11-2022 г.
Some female scammer from PNG sending raunchy messages on Whatsapp. Block n report.
Abeje26-11-2022 г.
He insulting me repeatedly
Mike Hunt25-11-2022 г.
Wangiri scammer
Mike Hunt24-11-2022 г.
Wangiri Scammer. Beware
Aynalem23-11-2022 г.
Where is the number 251911798211
Витя23-11-2022 г.
Как здоровье телефонный мошенник? Мы следим за тобой. Жди.
Саша22-11-2022 г.
хорошая работа по обману..
selam husen21-11-2022 г.
information about this namber
Gerd19-11-2022 г.
Vorsicht, hat mich per WhatsApp angeschrieben und sagte,das man mich wieder sehen will.Er/Sie nannte sich Caroline Valesque.Es wurden Fotos einer attraktiven Frau geschickt.Auf einem Foto war eine Internetadresse.Dieser Adresse folgte ich und landete auf der Seite einer amerikanischen Porn*darstellerin anderen Namens,wo ich jene Bilder wieder gefunden habe,die mir geschickt wurden.
Nick19-11-2022 г.
This phone number was used to hack a fb acc
Laura Daniela López Agudelo19-11-2022 г.
Abu Salem Jihadi19-11-2022 г.
Scammer sends false message From mobile +61415011740 - Delete ALL Stored messages from your phone !
SSSs18-11-2022 г.
Scret Phne Ethiopia Phone Number
Pugnacious Pete17-11-2022 г.
Chicago Based Crypto Scammer.
Sandra 16-11-2022 г.
32460213224 deze nr doet zich voor als bank . Tis een oplichter
Richard Viola12-11-2022 г.
Phishing call from Ghana. Hi Dear! I know no one in Ghana.
Mike Hunt08-11-2022 г.
Toll scammer. From mobile +61420259288 EAST-TOLLINK: As shown on our record, you have an toll trip marked as UNPAID. Please fix the bill NOW, or your E-tag will be terminated.
Luis05-11-2022 г.
Quiero saber de quién es este número me han estafado
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