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Spomenka Mekić18-02-2020 г.
I need information about the above mention number
Sunday David18-02-2020 г.
he is asking for money before we received a package from abroad so I am confused
Kaan18-02-2020 г.
This is my phone number
Anonymous17-02-2020 г.
Fishing attempt
silvia17-02-2020 г.
impossible to work with my phone costantly harassed by this number. i received 20 messages in 10 minutes. Arrest the owner of this number plese.
Vados17-02-2020 г.
Мошенница Немшилова Виктория (представляется Аленой) Станиславовна. Развод на предоплату за товар на ее карту Райфайзен 4678080020019530.
Cinzia17-02-2020 г.
State attenti truffano su subito It
khaled17-02-2020 г.
Abdallah ibrahim16-02-2020 г.
النصب والاحتيال بالإعلانات هذا الرقم +23560666628
Jibai16-02-2020 г.
This is the phone number of scammer! -Use fake documents to cheat insurance/property/bank agents -Please be careful -Name: Tan Chou Tak
seka guy leonce16-02-2020 г.
i need to know incoming calls and out going call from this number
Maranda 16-02-2020 г.
Can anyone tell me anything about this number supposedly this number is from the UK
Anonymous15-02-2020 г.
SMS phishing (smishing) scam
Felipe Rojas 15-02-2020 г.
Consiguieron mi número de telefono y me llamaron desde este número +584241796752 movistar Venezuela, me dijeron mi nombre con apellido y todo, el muchacho se identificó como el tren de Aragua, cuando le pregunté que querían, me dijo que me llamaban para decirme que sabían todo lo de mi familia que lo iban a secuestrar, allí lo comencé a insultar, no dejando lo terminar, corte y ya, trataron de contactarme de nuevo y no conteste. Ahora bien trate de denunciar este número, en la compañía de Movistar, CICPC, Fiscalía y cantv, lamentablemente no hay Manera de reportar o denunciar estos, hechos, por eso es que acudó a esta página a dejar establecido con acontecido por si a otro lo llegan a contactar con este mismo número, ya este este historial y sirva para un caso de investigación.
Mehdi Kafil Pinault15-02-2020 г.
Shin15-02-2020 г.
This is scammer named Mohd Fadly Bin Madi, if you have any information about this person please email me, he has scammed me RM520
Javier14-02-2020 г.
Just got a call from this number claiming she was a CRA agent and asking to confirm my personal information. I am wondering if this is a valid CRA number
kk14-02-2020 г.
it is a fraud. it a scammer real estate. he tries to rent an apartment in Switzerland. First you have to pay!
Unknown14-02-2020 г.
My phone got stolen by this phone owner. For the last time he called me by this number and i would like to know the owner.
nefeli13-02-2020 г.
can I get the name of the owner of this number ASAP!!
Ogechukwu Immanuel 13-02-2020 г.
He was asking me about my Debit Card details (ATM Card). Please beware of this scammer.
Julia13-02-2020 г.
Achtung Spamanruf!!! Man hat angeblich Reisen und Geld gewonnen. Wollen die Bankverbindung direkt haben, bloß nicht rausgeben. Nummer existiert nicht wenn man sie zurück ruft
Patrick13-02-2020 г.
I want to know the owner of this number
Moose13-02-2020 г.
Can I know whose calling from this number
Marife Cero13-02-2020 г.
I want to know the completw name who owns this number
CK Salma12-02-2020 г.
I need information on this number.
Alex12-02-2020 г.
This number is a scam. Do not pick up, (s)he pretends that you are to be arrested for tax fraud. This is not possible as I am a minor. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS OBVIOUS SCAM!
Peter12-02-2020 г.
Spam/Freud, suppose to give you betting tips but they will only take your money! If you will transfer the money they will need more money!
Fade12-02-2020 г.
A12-02-2020 г.
Whose number is +84961711162? I need to know whose number is.

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