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Ahmet04-04-2022 г.
Why this person calls me how does this person from moldavia (+37360922759) gets my number i live in holland
Dating App Scam03-04-2022 г.
Attention!!!! scamming named Jessica Sarpong (in my case) uses a p*rn star pic. Only wants money....
Nagy Lajos31-03-2022 г.
Zaklató, ne vegyék fel!
Votex30-03-2022 г.
The owner collected money from me for GBK registration
Akeem ODowell27-03-2022 г.
Sydney robocall scammer - tries their level best at phishing.
Shirakawa Fukushima 24-03-2022 г.
Be wary of this Japan cryptocurrency scammer calls at odds times. Number +81248314385
Wanyana Erina 24-03-2022 г.
This lady called me and she started talking the language I do understand..... Plz help me know where she is from
pesho23-03-2022 г.
Courier from ExpressOne Varna (Feb 2022)
Mariela 21-03-2022 г.
I got already 2 missed calls from this number and when I call back there’s an automatic answer in English … probably but not clear. Who’s number this is?
sablezab19-03-2022 г.
звъни някаква рускиня и после затваря
wynants17-03-2022 г.
Report from Bolivia16-03-2022 г.
This number pretends to be a relative returning to Bolivia, it is a scammer. Este numero de telefono finge ser un familiar regresando a Bolivia, es una estafa.
Swaggy Babu15-03-2022 г.
Robocall scammer saying they are coming to arrest people. This landline is based in Melbourne Australia
Yves Remy15-03-2022 г.
Phishing. Passes off as the Belgian finance ministry claiming alleged tax debt. Website totally improbable, lots of spelling mistakes.
Vladimir Lenin14-03-2022 г.
This Russian oligarch is a beggar, thief, cheater, liar. Not to mention scammer. Beware of number +71447724479.
Paul13-03-2022 г.
I keep getting a beep from this number and their voice msg is in me identify yourself.
Vikas06-03-2022 г.
Call from this no. For job in emirates sky cargo for the post of security guard in airport
Alvar Arguello02-03-2022 г.
I received calls from this number but not reply when I answer. Once I Heard someone talking in English
Josh Laningan02-03-2022 г.
This number is correct in Canada
Angrezi Kutta02-03-2022 г.
Beware of Edinburgh mobile +441316658242. Said he was calling from bank to verify password
Akeem ODowell 24-02-2022 г.
Crypto currency scammer from UK. BEWARE!
Цв.22-02-2022 г.
+359879016799 ЦВ. Щеф 07-02-2022 г. Здравейте, от този номер 359879016799 ми звънят и затварят. Като върна обаждане или не отговарят или мълчат. Бих искала да знам от кой град звънят и ако мoже кой е. На 07.02.2022г.писах,не ми отговорихте.
Liyana22-02-2022 г.
Added people to random group on whatsapp, seems like scam.
Anonymous21-02-2022 г.
Same pattern numbers are repeatedly calling but no one is responding from the other side. Beware of such calls.
Lathankya17-02-2022 г.
Got call today, this numbr is phishing. The woman on phoon stopd talk wen i caald my husbant
Elina15-02-2022 г.
he is sending me p*rn to me
zprahy15-02-2022 г.
Bernard II OYONE15-02-2022 г.
Hello, I was the victim of a person who tries to blackmail me and who threatens me to send him money. And I got ripped off 150,000. He tries very hard to ruin me Here are his contacts: +22990104418 and +22994991795
Ales15-02-2022 г.
971505027488 из этого номера мне позвонили, я не успел взять трубку. Если заново позвонят, спрошу в чем дела... Отпишусь...
DAVID12-02-2022 г.
Good morning this number call me early this morning but to my suprise when i pick it up the number hang up i think this number is a hacker number
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