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Shahrux07-08-2022 г.
Ssaliyv shahruxbek
Lea06-08-2022 г.
Today this number called me in the evening. I couldn’t answer back cause I was busy. After it I tried to reach this number 4 times. But it don’t call back. I would really like to know if it’s a Firma/ Work or a unknown person. and who it is. Thanks
Vasila05-08-2022 г.
Какой то незнакомый женщина звонила!
Темур04-08-2022 г.
Programmer developer of websites and mobile applications for IOS Android
Noname 02-08-2022 г.
Този номер се използва за телефонни измами. Бъдете внимателни!
Carlos T.01-08-2022 г.
Que por favor registrara este numero *cuñis*, se le pidio nombre y apellido y no respondió, se le trato de estafador y me bloqueo. cuidado
Ducca31-07-2022 г.
whose phone number is this? Someone is using this number as it is us military personnel stationed in Yemen.... Help pls....
Farzana Adil Motafaram30-07-2022 г.
Bad man calling from French Guinea. Scamme
Frankie Cooper30-07-2022 г.
Ask for bank details. Australia based thief.
Frankie Cooper30-07-2022 г.
New Zealand scammer flogging a holiday package. Blocked.
Rudi29-07-2022 г.
Boutros Buttrose Ghaali29-07-2022 г.
Received 3 calls from boiler room. Telemarketing scam +61367752513. Landline based in Launceston Tasmania. Beware of phishing scammer.
BorisK27-07-2022 г.
Be aware - this is fishing. Connect me through Viber wishing to pay me for shoes through one of Bulgarian delivery companies website. Probably paid sim card.
Abu Ben Jehaadi27-07-2022 г.
Another property financial Scammer calling and harassing those whose number is on the DNC register. Number ±61430746612
Meier Sutter26-07-2022 г.
Spam and/or fraud...
Lena26-07-2022 г.
воруют деньги с чеков кэшбек
Salwa25-07-2022 г.
Messages suspects reçus sur mon portable
Александра25-07-2022 г.
Номер мошенников
Denis turcios25-07-2022 г.
Quisiera saber quién es el dueño de este número de celular ya q recibo constantes llamadas
angel22-07-2022 г.
hola, de este numero de telefono realizan estafas telefonicas a españa, por favor a ver si pueden averiguar, 14692175454 , gracias
Abu Ben Booby21-07-2022 г.
Got called by a smooth talking female from 0433847899 or +61433847899 which is an Australian cell number wanting to organize a super comparison. I played along and deliberately gave her untrue information to waste their time. In the end I did tell them that all super scams end up in the thiefs crypto currency wallets which then make funds untraceable. I am waiting for a call from one of their genius financial advisers who will pitch me a harebrained scheme about locking in my super balance for 15 years while earning a farcical 45 percent return. Be extremely cautious about super scams and NEVER give them your true information. Block and report to Cyber police and Interpol.
Mélanie B19-07-2022 г.
Fraude purolator
Leonardo19-07-2022 г.
This is my Lost number phone how can i get back this number
Didier18-07-2022 г.
ATTENTION ! This number belongs to a scammer !
Ble18-07-2022 г.
ARNAQUE !!! via le site Ne surtout pas donner vos coordonnées bancaires !!!
Goo15-07-2022 г.
The owner of this number sent me threats of attacking me and my family that he is blackmail and dangerous
Muhammadali10-07-2022 г.
Чей номер телефона это, как могу узнать?
KC08-07-2022 г.
Repeated calls from this number with no messages left. Phone is calling it a *scam likely*.
Leopoldo Miguel Mendoza06-07-2022 г.
Scam , fishing , spam with amazon-
Dinsoo DabbaGul Porkestani26-06-2022 г.
This fraudster is targeting old folk saying he has lost his phone somewhere in the desert
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