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T09-05-2021 г.
wasel09-05-2021 г.
This person is using online fraud. Where he claims that he is selling the frozen dollar currency. And he works in an international gang. To fraud and seize the money of the people who communicate with him. Hawa is part of forming a dangerous gang and has members in several countries. They are working to extract the money of those who deal with them. هاذا الشخص يستخدم عمليات النصب عن طريق الانترنت. حيث يدعي انه يقوم ببيع عملة الدولار المجمد . ويعمل ضمن عصابة دولية . للأحتيال والاستيلاء علي اموال الاشخاص الذي يتواصلون معه . هوا ضمن تشكيل عصابة خطرة ولها افراد في عدة دول . يعملون علي الاستلاء علي اموال من يتعامل معهم . لمزيد من المعلومات 00966531089571 whatsapp
wasel09-05-2021 г.
This number will be tracked and monitored for incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text messages. This is due to submitting a misuse complaint.
Anonymous07-05-2021 г.
Recorded message purportedly from national crime authority. Asks you to press 1 after which it puts you to a call centre which appears to be in India
Hossam Abdullah06-05-2021 г.
I need to find any solutions for any phone locations and some tools for strongly WiFi here.thanks for all . My phone number +967774919882
debora vergas06-05-2021 г.
cuidado, peligroso, muchas veces llaman y no contestan
debora vergas06-05-2021 г.
cuidado, delincuentes, muchas veces llaman y no contestan
Reanne Vitner05-05-2021 г.
Amazon fraud - claims a disputed camera purchase and I dont even have an Amazon account
Thomas28-04-2021 г.
Scammer pretending to be an investment banker.
Jalel28-04-2021 г.
I need info about that number-216/58086841. Thx
S26-04-2021 г.
100% scammers. Calling me leaving msgs for "mohomed kashif" almost daily. Since last yr Aug. report!
Vector25-04-2021 г.
أريد معرفة صاحب هذا الرقم اسمه سكنه وموقعه
Harish.R25-04-2021 г.
very bad phone number of a girl with worst character.never pick this call.she used to prank and get money from various source
Justus24-04-2021 г.
Kindly tell me who owns this number. it usually calls on me... but i have never answered. Thank you.
Jose23-04-2021 г.
Tengo una llamada perdida
Najam22-04-2021 г.
this number used in NAJUM US SAQIB auto spare parts trading llc deira
pissed21-04-2021 г.
Arivalagan Yogavelu 20-04-2021 г.
Just and ordinary person. Nothing special.
Harold Jones15-04-2021 г.
Is she a scammer?
Bob14-04-2021 г.
ocopi14-04-2021 г.
can you please provide me with the detail about this numbers +32463003933 and +32468858662. they are calling me and speaking in french.
Ignacio montaño14-04-2021 г.
जयवीर12-04-2021 г.
response not good
Miller 12-04-2021 г.
Harassing and threatening calls and texts constantly to a 9 year old. He sounds like an older man.
Not Stupid10-04-2021 г.
Very pretty profile pic, but just a scammer asking for Apple cards
Ann05-04-2021 г.
Мошенники!!! будьте осторожны с этими номерами 87054808124; 87054806701.
Andres05-04-2021 г.
Acosador asqueroso quiero saber quien es para delatarlo en las redes
Jackson muli04-04-2021 г.
I want to know the details of this number. country caller.etc. it keeps calling me.
Maria Helleblad03-04-2021 г.
Possible fraud.
Pap Tibor01-04-2021 г.
Unfortunately, I called this number back by mistake. I wanted to dial the last number and didn’t notice that this missed call came in the meantime. So this became the last, (unsolicited call). Maybe 4 seconds could be the call in which a vending machine spoke English. I printed it out right away. I hope they don’t want to steal it with something over-billing. I didn’t buy anything, I didn’t demand any services.
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