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Fayzullo29-05-2020 г.
Chiroyli raqam ekan
Kacper29-05-2020 г.
Idk, it calls me for like one sec did not manage to pick up the call. Have no idea whos number it is
Jurayev Kozim29-05-2020 г.
Меня беспокоят этого номер хочу узнат хозяин
J.T-D29-05-2020 г.
Hello, a few minutes ago an elderly woman called me from this phone number. She sounded lonely and said she is lonely. She also said something strange - that she is 85 years old but she feels younger. I think that she needed to speak with someone, have a conversation... It might have been a scam...
Artigny Jean-marc 29-05-2020 г.
Good morning, The OAPI gave to me this number as the phone of Monique HOUANOU Les Bonnes Retrouvailles Quartier Adidogomé BP 80493 Lomé Togo It seems it is not correct. Could you please help to me? Regards
Samat28-05-2020 г.
Give me information about this contact
Kevin27-05-2020 г.
This number call me at 6 AM
Muhindo Ramadhan27-05-2020 г.
Please help me i recieved a call from that number.iwant to know the owner of that number.
daniel feuerstein26-05-2020 г.
a collection agency is harassing me for payments of debts I acquired two-three years ago, when I had to retire because my personal and company finances were non existent.
marco carrillo26-05-2020 г.
an trying to find out who is this person because this number has called me several times an i think he may be a scammer.
Tim25-05-2020 г.
+971521057208 he r*pes girls and steals money
HJ25-05-2020 г.
Nummer wordt gebruikt in VALSE app-berichten van de RABObank waarin wordt gevraagd een link aan te klikken om een nieuwe bank[as aan te vragen. Bericht verwijderen nadat je een screenshot hebt gemaakt en deze als bijlage in een mailbericht hebt verstuurd aan
john kitone25-05-2020 г.
I missed a call from your number on my +256-778759777 on 24th/may/2020 at 10pm you may call back if you have a reason or email me on
stevan24-05-2020 г.
i received so many calls from this number
Shelly24-05-2020 г.
This is a love rat who goes by the name of Mario and/or Abraham. He pretended to love me and told me he cared about me but all he wanted was my money. DO NOT TRUST THIS SNAKE!!!
simona nica23-05-2020 г.
Can i check if somebody called me with private number from this number, please?
Gerardo23-05-2020 г.
recibí una llamada de ese numero y quedo una música de fondo nadie habla
Aristote23-05-2020 г.
Je veux savoir à qui appartient ce numéro
nsereko john23-05-2020 г.
had a missed call on 256776511657
Mohamed Hassan23-05-2020 г.
hey,dis number has texting me,I just want to know who z her
Ambika Ghimire23-05-2020 г.
I was messeged that I am the winner of iPhone 11 pro.Can you please see that
Bob mbabazi22-05-2020 г.
Hello I was called by this number : +32 468 850 0239 and I missed the call. I was not able to reach the person calling. Please let me know who this is. Thank you
Bob mbabazi22-05-2020 г.
Hello. I got a call from the number +32 468 850 0230. May I please who this is. I was not able to reach the person. Thank you.
Asadbek Yusupov22-05-2020 г.
Yusupov Asadbek
Mary21-05-2020 г.
I got a missed call from +32468826705 today please tell me who it is?
Mary21-05-2020 г.
I got a missed call from +32468826705 today please tell me who it is?
Aisa20-05-2020 г.
I need to the details of this numbers who actually owns this number
Jukic Mirko20-05-2020 г.
Please tell me , to which name and surname is this telephone run ?
Julie Spencer19-05-2020 г.
This is used as a backup phone by a romance scammer. Bad man. Pretends it is his mother’s phone.
ying ying chan19-05-2020 г.

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