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This scumbag stays silent and says nothing - although I could hear the call being redirected to a cellphone.
Harri Puttar16-11-2020 г.
Scammer +61481995374 Sends sms reads as follows - Rex you have received (2) New Messages
Da Great Gambler16-11-2020 г.
Australian gamblimg scammer
Martin Milinović13-11-2020 г.
its a math teacher
linus4513-11-2020 г.
linus4513-11-2020 г.
scam number, they call for one ring only. Do not call back!
K. Boyd12-11-2020 г.
This man catfishes women over the internet for money.
nada12-11-2020 г.
what is this i have messege from +85513009453 saying -for you 4;3;3:1:8:1
vinod12-11-2020 г.
who is the owner of this no. I am getting call for contacting.
syed10-11-2020 г.
Received Fraud bank calls for this number.
Aiman10-11-2020 г.
Azzam Azeez09-11-2020 г.
Why da fuq you calling me all the way from sri lanka to Maldives huh
Adham09-11-2020 г.
I need to contact owner of this number
Feruz08-11-2020 г.
Just Close friend.nothing more
Feruz08-11-2020 г.
Looking for Facebook profile and social messaging applications
ابو علي08-11-2020 г.
هذا الرقم يقوم بي ابتزاز الفتيات ارجو اغلاقه
anonymous 07-11-2020 г.
Idk, but I suppose he is a scammer. Don’t call it back, otherwise you have to pay a lot of money! Be careful, please.
Csaba05-11-2020 г.
Could be scammers
mdhn05-11-2020 г.
This number sent me a text message and I don’t know it. Please can I know the owner of the number
mdhn05-11-2020 г.
This number sent me a text message and I don’t know it. Please can I know the owner of the number
kamala05-11-2020 г.
scam fraud gambling message/call
Antonius Abazi04-11-2020 г.
Sonja 03-11-2020 г.
This number call me. I need to find who is.
Amit Phago03-11-2020 г.
This number fraud Me. he buy the item from our shop and he act like he paid by benefit pay and ran away can you plz help me to find out him he is a adult man looks like a above 30
Mervyn PapaJonson03-11-2020 г.
Caller +61284715990 Another financial telemarketing scam.
gadadoo03-11-2020 г.
Hey you called a few minutes ago, please send me a message in our mail
Pierre Filion02-11-2020 г.
Arnaque pour fraude en utilisant des chiots...
mike02-11-2020 г.
smells like a scam
Andres Molano 01-11-2020 г.
este celular fue robado e n la ultima hora y necesitamos su ubicacion
Lula29-10-2020 г.
Necesito saber de quien es este número, y su ubicación actual. Gracias
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