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imtiaz shah18-01-2020 г.
i know information about this nmbr from where it is use
Darrel 18-01-2020 г.
please help me find this person,they crooked me R 3500 and i dont even know their name
HK17-01-2020 г.
+41789515224 is a scam number, could you please provide some more info to me so that I can report to relevant authority? Thank you very much. Kind regards HK
Un fraier17-01-2020 г.
Un țepar care vinde licențe Office contrafăcute și pretinde că sunt originale.
Rohit Yadav17-01-2020 г.
Got a incoming call.
Luis Ibarra17-01-2020 г.
De qué país es este número y quién es el usuario registrado?
Podvodník16-01-2020 г.
PODVODNÍK ! představuje se jak exekutor Molnár ze slovenska, číslo nahlášeno na PČR.
Ron Jeremye16-01-2020 г.
+61287785562 Australian tradimg scammer
Margarita16-01-2020 г.
Ich brauche die Informationen dieser Nummer 4917689042908 Ich habe mehrere Anrufe von dieser Nummer Ich mache mir Sorgen, ich möchte wissen, wer es ist und konfrontieren, ich hoffe, Sie können mir bitte helfen, danke
Iz15-01-2020 г.
He lie and have big imagine! Crazy man!
ItsMyNumber15-01-2020 г.
Hee it is my number since 2001. I didn`t called anyone. Why should i do that? Somebody fakes my number. I got some fakecalls from other countries too
james15-01-2020 г.
i would like to know who this number belongs too and a location please if available its very important thanks
Joshua Ryland 15-01-2020 г.
Voicemail belonging to scammer named "Ryland Joshua" - nuisance calls from an australian racist xenophobe
hari puttar15-01-2020 г.
Wangiri scammer from Australia Sydney NSW
Dmitrii14-01-2020 г.
Нужно ФИО владельца, т.к. сим карта утеряна
Charalambos14-01-2020 г.
359895023465 unknown phone number whose is it please?
Магдалена Илиева14-01-2020 г.
Получих обаждане от този номер, но пропуснах, искам да знам кой е, преди да върна обаждането.
Desco14-01-2020 г.
This phone-number harasses me
Fred13-01-2020 г.
Fraud phone call dont answer
Departement of justice?13-01-2020 г.
This number try to call me and told me it was justice departement
Mohamed13-01-2020 г.
i am receiving calls from this person whom it seems he is sick or abnormal. may i know who is holding this number?
Dayton12-01-2020 г.
Missed call from a number on more than one occasion
Miguel Ángel11-01-2020 г.
Hallo, ich habe gestern um 10:44 Uhr mehrere verpasste Anrufe auf meinem Handy. Was willst du antworte nur per email.
asd11-01-2020 г.
Wer auch immer das ist hat mich zwei mal angerufen. Keine Ahnung wer das war
Marji11-01-2020 г.
we have many calls from this number. It missed after 4 seconds.
Satya10-01-2020 г.
These Guys are cheating people so please do not trust this number and please provide further details to connect these guys if you know
ugo best10-01-2020 г.
i want to know if the owner of number is around i have try to call him but is on answering machine
Jack Solaymaani10-01-2020 г.
Caller +61284376702 Spammer phone sales dodgy property acam. Blocked. Reported to Interpol.
John Delphin10-01-2020 г.
I have been given this number as a contact for Rockcity Hotel in Nigeria, but suspect I am being taken for a ride. Does anybody recognise this number?
paola andrea09-01-2020 г.
por favor quiero saber de que lugar de ecuador es este numero

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