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Kabir Awan13-09-2022 г.
I need information about this number . Who using this number +41 77 945 62 98
John McCane13-09-2022 г.
They request me using whatsapp for transfer money and buy bitcoins for them and they proyect. They said be *Can Yaman*, an actor from Turkeys series. It is a scam and i reported to my national police
Ken Kahn12-09-2022 г.
This idiot claims to be a compensation lawyer running a car insurance scam. Asking for bank account details etc. Fraud.
Salman11-09-2022 г.
I just recived a call from this number
Salahuddin Halal Habibi08-09-2022 г.
This financial Scammer keeps ringing wanting to compare superannuation with cryptocurrency. Total scam and spam.
Мансур05-09-2022 г.
Здравствуйте, этот номер беспокоит меня, я хотел бы знать, кому он принадлежит. Спасибо
hossam ahmed05-09-2022 г.
this number stoled money from me through fodafonecash
R.Safo01-09-2022 г.
Срочно нужно выяснить кто владелец этого номера, он мне звонил в поздной ночи и плохо обязывал меня моей семье. Пожалуйста, помогите узнать данные об этом человеке.
Abu Ben Salaad Turk Faisal31-08-2022 г.
This Filipina woman calls up says there is a sensational RED NOTICE international arrest warrant in my name as I am showing up on their computers as a dr*g trafficking mule. Then she says I owe x amount of federal taxes and CI is coming to arrest me, but they can cancel my arrest if I buy them 30000 dollars in crypto currency gift cards. Jokers of the millennium. Using a fake landline number based in Queensland Australia. I have never been surprised by the abject stupidity of some scammers.
Iancu Octavian30-08-2022 г.
olx bot that messages me on whatsapp
Iancu Octavian30-08-2022 г.
ist a bot for olx
Klaus Annal Schwab 30-08-2022 г.
Financial scammer from Perth Australia. They are using crypto currency wallets to steal peoples superannuation funds.
Viktor26-08-2022 г.
He s a scammer who sends you a link about a package that cant reach to you
Alex26-08-2022 г.
Scam number, trying to send phising links by message about delivery parcels
Красавчик24-08-2022 г.
Frost23-08-2022 г.
Scammer! Estafador!!!
Nathalie Engelen19-08-2022 г.
Call for ivestigation
Hacker16-08-2022 г.
This is a hacker!
Sameer Phatelee Laal Chaddee16-08-2022 г.
Number 0419402139 or +61419402139 belongs to an ebay robocall scammer. Block n report.
Emran15-08-2022 г.
Please say who this person. This number call me yesterday night but,not be ring full.
Asal14-08-2022 г.
Bu nomer egasi buzuq suyuqoyoq ayol kirgilili
Benito Adolf Marcos Duterte08-08-2022 г.
Crypto currency scammer looking to phish for personal information. Beware of number +61291551299. Sydney Australia based scammer. The call connects to an overseas call centre. Very dodgy.
Shahrux07-08-2022 г.
Ssaliyv shahruxbek
Lea06-08-2022 г.
Today this number called me in the evening. I couldn’t answer back cause I was busy. After it I tried to reach this number 4 times. But it don’t call back. I would really like to know if it’s a Firma/ Work or a unknown person. and who it is. Thanks
Vasila05-08-2022 г.
Какой то незнакомый женщина звонила!
Темур04-08-2022 г.
Programmer developer of websites and mobile applications for IOS Android
Noname 02-08-2022 г.
Този номер се използва за телефонни измами. Бъдете внимателни!
Carlos T.01-08-2022 г.
Que por favor registrara este numero *cuñis*, se le pidio nombre y apellido y no respondió, se le trato de estafador y me bloqueo. cuidado
Ducca31-07-2022 г.
whose phone number is this? Someone is using this number as it is us military personnel stationed in Yemen.... Help pls....
Farzana Adil Motafaram30-07-2022 г.
Bad man calling from French Guinea. Scamme
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