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Lovepreet26-08-2020 г.
It is fake people , any time fake calls or bad language , or scam calls ,
panchol 26-08-2020 г.
I had miss call from this number +50934309679 .why he call me.
Konsniko25-08-2020 г.
Got a call from this number,nobody answered when i took the call, instant hang up. Any idea if this a fraud including Credit cards scams?
Welay25-08-2020 г.
It was called by this phone number. Who is this? anything can i help you
anonymous25-08-2020 г.
Dutch scammer just block it instant
juan24-08-2020 г.
Spam "Ganaste un sistema de seguridad"
Angela24-08-2020 г.
Hello, as this number is calling me often, could you please supply the name ofwho is calling me so often please. Thanks.
Matilde das Dores Muteca23-08-2020 г.
Gostaria de saber o nome verdadeiro da pessoa que pertence este número 40722303643
Tan nyn23-08-2020 г.
i knew this number from cyberspace for quite a while, he said a policeman. I just want to know his true identity.
Scam Reporter22-08-2020 г.
It seems they are scammers and phishers and they are after your personal information. When I called it was disconnected.
Vanie22-08-2020 г.
Des informations sur ce numéro,adresse, fréquentation
Alex21-08-2020 г.
Is this genuine number?
Saini21-08-2020 г.
This person is doing mentally torcer to girls
Alex20-08-2020 г.
Call this man for any issues about fake calls
Anfel20-08-2020 г.
Звонят с номера 998909932114 по ночам и молчат
Ops19-08-2020 г.
Über diese Telefonnummer werden zunehmend häufiger betrügereien verübt.Der Inhaber dieser Telefonnummer inseriert bei eBay Kleinanzeigen und nimmt nachdem ihm jemand auf sein Inserat direkt über die eBay Kleinanzeigenseite antwortet unter dieser Telefonnummer 015902587704 kontakt über Whats App mit dem Interessenten auf. Fragt dort nach Lieferadresse und schickt eine IBAN, welche von der N26 Bank ist (DE 7010011001262034446854) und lässt sich den Kaufbetrag unter Angabe eines Verwendungszweck , mit dem Hinweis das er das Konto auch Beruflich nutzt überweisen. Interessant ist weiterhin das als Kontoinhaberin eine Nadine Stonus genannt wird . Im weiteren Gesprächsverlauf via Whats app wird auch darum gebeten den Überweisungsbeleg als Foto via Whats App zu senden , damit der Artikel schnellstmöglich versendet werden kann. Diese ist allerdings nach vorliegenden Erkenntnissen nicht die Eigentümerin der verwendeten Telefonnummer und auch nicht Inhaberin dieses Kontos. Eine weitere Recherche ergab das die Spur nach Afrika zu führen scheint . So lässt es sich vermuten , dass der Täter oder die Täter es auf das Geld zzgl. Personendaten sowie deren Bankdaten abgesehen haben.
Sofia17-08-2020 г.
Can someone please help me to know. Under what name is this number +6737269531.thanks.
Jamie17-08-2020 г.
This number from Albania only rang a couple of times and then cut off. I know nobody from Albania.
Richard Wreckless14-08-2020 г.
This person is a scam artist and should not be dealt with in ANY transaction. ***Deal with them at your own risk !!! ***
Antonia13-08-2020 г.
?pueden confirmarme si éste número existe realmente en Venezuela? Voy a recibir llamadas de ahí y quiero estar segura por favor GRACIAS!!!
Abu Ben Booby13-08-2020 г.
Got called by scammer from 02 8745 5350. SYDNEY Telemarketer bozos flogging solar.
Peter11-08-2020 г.
Recived a message from this number asking me to confirm my credentials for my delivery today else my package will be returned to sender....I have not ordered any package so must be a scam
Alan 11-08-2020 г.
Carla Morrison10-08-2020 г.
Esta persona es un encanto me ha ayudado bastante, os recomiendo contactar si necesitan ayuda psicologica
irm09-08-2020 г.
This is a scammer operating on Twitter und Lena Baker
Nas08-08-2020 г.
This is a stupid fellow use this number 08091080175 and to hack my facebook account sending fraudulent message to people trying to defraud their hard earned money
Irfan alam07-08-2020 г.
this user has written some rubbish things on his wall about my sister. so we want to know all detail about him. kindly,please provide me that. Thank u
Annabelle Jadman06-08-2020 г.
Hi, I wish to inquire about the name of the owner of this number as I have been communicating with a WhatsApp.I wish to verify his identity.also,to check if the owner of this number is based in Dubai,as he shared with me,any other related information supplied would be very welcome for.Thank you for assistance.
Jack Spratt04-08-2020 г.
Dirty spammer aussie making harassing calls. Pest
anonimous04-08-2020 г.
This comment from is under antispam protection
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