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Aussy Jon Wayne14-01-2022 г.
This scammer steals information from bank accounts and pretends the call did not come from his number. Another Australian liar.
Jessica Miller13-01-2022 г.
Said they were Government of Canada & something wrong with my social insurance number.
مودرن يمن للتجارة08-01-2022 г.
شركة مودرن يمن للتجارة
አሸናፊ08-01-2022 г.
የሌባ ስልክ ነው። ድጋፍ ሰጪ የሚባል መኪናን የሚነዳ አጭበርባሪ ነው ተጠንቀቁት።
kash06-01-2022 г.
447404704744 I’m receiving call and message from this number . Is it a genuine number
Lissar05-01-2022 г.
Ce numéro est le numéro de établissement merci
Hula04-01-2022 г.
This is a scam call, defrauding valuables by creating fake transfer slips,Πρόκειται για κλήση απάτης, εξαπάτησης τιμαλφών κάνοντας πλαστά δελτία μεταφοράς
Аноним31-12-2021 г.
Звонят без причины и не перестают
Hula29-12-2021 г.
This is a scammer
dd29-12-2021 г.
this is lier, cheat for expensive things and money
Nina29-12-2021 г.
Звонит малолетка, просит номер банковской карты
abdulkarim29-12-2021 г.
971506240676 May I know who the owner of this number is because he keeps harassing me so much
rukundo aimable 29-12-2021 г.
this is a number from Rwanda
Oba28-12-2021 г.
The number is used to create a group name crowd Funding which is used to defraud. Afterwards remove the participant
Rata Ladron, Estafador de Colombia que intenta pero no sabe hacer pishin "Un Bobito"
Bond20-12-2021 г.
I had incoming calls from this number several times and I hope to know its owner
Livia oraclio11-12-2021 г.
Acoso permanente
Alejandra09-12-2021 г.
E S T A F A Este número telefónico te manda un mensaje vía whatsapp para estafas. El mensaje que te envían es: Hola, soy un alto ejecutivo de la empresa, contratando personal a tiempo parcial, salario diario: 1000-5000. Responda el número *1*, puede hacer clic directamente en el enlace para consultar el servicio de atención al cliente en línea: Cuidado
Sundararajan08-12-2021 г.
Extremely sorry I want the details about this number. Whether it is working or not sir?
Ariel07-12-2021 г.
I want to know who is the name of this number. please. they are threatening me
Martha Pritchard06-12-2021 г.
This person is stealing peoples money online pretending to be a bitcoin trader. @robin_tammie_ in instagram. Hacked my account and many others. Delete this phone number. All fraud.
M9hamed04-12-2021 г.
Bad nummber
Lolo04-12-2021 г.
Estafador27-11-2021 г.
Jude27-11-2021 г.
The number user is a fraudster.
Jesus26-11-2021 г.
Estafadora. Se hace pasar por Broker de Infinox. Dice llamarse Clara.
Graciela26-11-2021 г.
+59891357409 hola me pueden decir a quien pertenece este número de celular? Me molesta con llamadas y mensajes. Gracias
Jorge Martinez24-11-2021 г.
Hola me pueden ayudar con el nombré de este proietario de este número 50371638713 xq me lo robaron y resulta q no está Ami nombre gracias
Mike21-11-2021 г.
+99833991997821-11-2021 г.
+998971710211 Bu raqam kimga tegishliyligini bilmoqchiman. Ismi familyasını.
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