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racel joy mangonon02-10-2017 г.
Hi Good afternoon, This is Racel Joy Mangonon I missed a call from this number last Friday (971555795635), Im just wondering the reason of your call. My Mobile number is # 0918 429 1506 from the Philippines. if this is Business related please email me at . Thank you.
Marcin02-10-2017 г.
I have empty messages from this number When i write back not answer
Rosen02-10-2017 г.
He is a scammer!
Raju Upadhyay 02-10-2017 г.
I am looking for this no 447920640158 Kindly help me owner name of said mobile number.
RMD02-10-2017 г.
We have been scamed by a Martin Jacob calling from this number. He also uses a local US number of (408) 909-0174. Any information on these phone numbers would be very appreciated.
Varga Mónika02-10-2017 г.
Az én számom volt, a buzi volt főnököm szó nélkül visszavette! Személyes adatok, képek, telefonszámok, email-emhez való belépés, minden elveszett!!
dayvisson02-10-2017 г.
saudade :( eu não sei se está pensando em mim, mas se cuida por favor
ASDF02-10-2017 г.
This caller is calling me for several days now. I would really love to know who is it.
Geir helleren01-10-2017 г.
Michael Bernartz01-10-2017 г.
I am looking for the Owner of this Number. Since septembre 2nd, I cannot find Andreea
Dilya01-10-2017 г.
Pls help me I am finding Mr Andrew or Tankdere Lehman and this mob number +447895605336. Pls help his from Liverpool UK. Thank u.
HAKKI30-09-2017 г.
Bana kesinlikle ulaş, ben hakkı, dolandırdığın kişi, benim numaraya ulaş birşekilde, whatsaptan yaz, engellemeyi de kaldır lütfen, sana kızgın deilim, gel konuşalım, anlaşalım, haber bekliyorum senden, aniden çekip gittin, değermiydi ki?? Gel bekliyorum, bana ulaş..
Heppner Ryszard 30-09-2017 г.
Someone is calling me I checked this number and it is not in the registry.
engele30-09-2017 г.
Scammer Name: Christopher Gerhard Telefon: +233 54 667 10 43 Country: Ghana / USA/ Berlin Germany Starting Date of Correspondence: 15. 09. 2017 Ending Date of Correspondence: 29. 09. 2017 Scammer ID Email ( IP Email) : 209 85 22 041 Email Body: gerhard christopher <> Mister Christopher Gerhard gives to be an FBI SPECIAL AGENT. He now works in Berlin with the federal criminal police Germany. He gives to witwer to be with two children (Girl Esther, 15 Years + Son Michael 13 Years) and wanted to have money for hospital treatments of his son, 1200,00 US Dollars. He contacted me about online partnersuche finya / Germany. Couple days later he opened an account at facebook where luckily his telephone number left public. So I discovered it is a fraud.
Jaen30-09-2017 г.
This is my husband number....this number can use to text or chat with his husband worked in dubai and his mistress in abu dhabi...a want to know.all his chat and text with his mistress....please help...and he have also used another new number but I dont know...he kept all....
Mamudou n. Barbara jr30-09-2017 г.
This is mumu I try looking for u on Facebook but I can see u please call me on # +231778019914/+231776891526:or Facebook is Mamudou N.Barbara Jr
Андрей30-09-2017 г.
после звонков с этого телефона, были попытки взлома банковской карты?
Андрей30-09-2017 г.
Алексей, после звонков с этого телефона, были попытки взлома банковской карты?
Kwasi Scarcity30-09-2017 г.
Am Kwasi Scarcity, am from Ghana, Tema new town, am 24 years old. Please may I no you,please you call me on+233279600980, please call me back okay.!
Mehdi30-09-2017 г.
Salut . Mehdi du Maroc 35 ans . Je cherche des nouvelles connaissances au domaine professionnelle . Et surtout parfums authentique , vêtements , téléphone portable . Merci .
Javier29-09-2017 г.
+359893233645 me gustaría saber de quién es este numero me ha estafado muchas gracias
SNIJKERS29-09-2017 г.
This person called me and I need to call him back, but want to be sure that this is the right person for this telephone number
Esha rain29-09-2017 г.
This is my number and this number are all massage are seen this email
Esha rain29-09-2017 г.
This is my number
Kelly28-09-2017 г.
The owner of this number claims to be my boyfriend and also claims that I gave him my ex boyfriend is number. He I is now supposedly texting my ex. I have no honest clue who owns this number and am getting sick and tired of the harassment involved with these random numbers.
sergio28-09-2017 г.
necesito información del propietario de este móvil para efectuar devolución
Mariz Azle Magcawas28-09-2017 г.
Hi there, I saw that you were calling my number this morning at 10:41am. My name is Mariz Azle Magcawas. Please Do call me again so I can know what your concern is. Thanks!
Abdul Jabar Odho28-09-2017 г.
Kindly add me at WhatsApp Group, please. My number is 0333-3727743
SAID ABU MEDIAM28-09-2017 г.
המספר הזה חשוד מפני שהוא מצלצל אליך ולא משתף בשיחה , אחר כך אתה רואה שהמכשיר שלך מתחיל להתנדנד. יש סבירות שמספר זה הוא ספאם ומטרתו להרוס לך את המכשיר , על ידי נזיקין לסוללה . 174/5000 This number is suspicious because it rings and does not share a call, then you see that your device is starting to swing. This number is likely to be spam and its purpose is to destroy your device by damaging the battery.
riciu27-09-2017 г.
tepari pe bursa de transport. evitati contactul cu ei

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