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Eliza15-02-2017 г.
Please be alert when you receive a call or sms from this number because he is a scammer.I was his victim.I have been blackmailed by this idiot scammer.Now that I have to delete my old phone number and change to a new one.What a waste.Hope the scammer will be arrested very soon.
Topaz15-02-2017 г.
I want to know the exact location of the owner of this number.
Topaz15-02-2017 г.
I want to know the exact city where the owner of this number lives.
mal salve15-02-2017 г.
I received a call from this number and I would like to know who it is
Clara15-02-2017 г.
This is a very bad person. He is cheating and lying !!!!!
chelsea14-02-2017 г.
please inform about this number. it is the number of a company in malaysia? or just personal number
Joe searle14-02-2017 г.
Would like to know who has messaged me. A very dodgy request, I run my own massage business so would like to know.
julio lee14-02-2017 г.
Hola tio soy julito nieto de antonio lee tu hermano, si pudieras responderme y decirme si aun este es tu telefono. que tengas un lindo dia Hello, Uncle, I am Julito, grandson of Antonio, read your brother, if you could answer me and tell me if this is still your phone. Have a nice day
kibirige robert14-02-2017 г.
my phone back up did not retrive my data halp me
Jennifer Gacusan14-02-2017 г.
hi i got a call February 14 but cannot hear you so the call was cut. may i know your name and message
Rony14-02-2017 г.
I want to details and ownership of this number.
Peggy14-02-2017 г.
+31615834566 This is The nummer of witch op want info....he says he is my mysterieus valentijn.
Peter14-02-2017 г.
This number is from tele marketing outsourced. Annoying
Joseph Glenn Concepcion14-02-2017 г.
Hi, I missed your call. May I know who this is?
Оксана14-02-2017 г.
Мне позвонили с этого номера и я хочу знать кто это был
Olusola Victor Osalade14-02-2017 г.
is my number still active for me ?
Damian13-02-2017 г.
Need to who is this urgently. Been scammed
Nuria13-02-2017 г.
Quiero saber a que persona pertenece ese número de movil
jasmine13-02-2017 г.
pls give me the owner name and whereabout
sxxx13-02-2017 г.
Is this the number you gave me to send you the e mail address of my collegue?
Tasfiah Obaid13-02-2017 г.
Contact me and let me know if I can call you
Rob Carey 13-02-2017 г.
I have received calls from this number with no contact details. Please tell me who it belongs to.
Evaldas13-02-2017 г.
Second hand clothes wholesale worldwide. Origin UK
Екатерина13-02-2017 г.
Мне позвонили с этого номера и я хочу узнать, кто это был?
Nirwan13-02-2017 г.
Name of the owner and whereabout.
Siva12-02-2017 г.
Please help me out. I just took the phone and no one answered me.
Wissem12-02-2017 г.
Please this number called me and i miss it
subburaj12-02-2017 г.
I noticed a missed call in my mobile. I would like to know who called me. Please inform. Number:+447417974957
Rajashekar12-02-2017 г.
Please give me details of this number who owned it.. Please Thanks
Janu12-02-2017 г.
Kindly let me know the phone number owners details, I am talking to that person , I wanted to know , he is a real trust worthy guy, bcoz he wants to marry me itseems. Kindly help me out .

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