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Wasanthi 09-01-2017 г.
Please send me the full details of this number. I got mis call from this number. Thanks
Wasanthi 09-01-2017 г.
Please send me the full details of this number...I got mis call from this number. Thanks
Retta08-01-2017 г.
This number claims to be someone they not Tony Smith Scammer of romance fraud I want to know who this is
Retta08-01-2017 г.
I want to know who this number belongs to Scammers defrauding women of money in SA Romance and promise extravagant gifts Claim gift have to pay airport fine Money and gift pictures Fake
robert lefurgey08-01-2017 г.
looking for the service provider from last owner for 1-204-807-8912
Ailyn08-01-2017 г.
Hellow du operator please kindly please sent me full name and deatils of this number 0558662240 please
Ailyn08-01-2017 г.
Hellow Du Operator :)...Happy new year. .please can i know all of the name and details of this number...actually this is the all number 0558662240 :)...nothing problem this number sending me a masseges ...please kindly sent me this number details please?i hope to i receive your feedback asap Thank you and god bless
M. Tau08-01-2017 г.
Who has this number +359895931222
Edgelyn08-01-2017 г.
I just want to know if this tel # is still active. I cannot connected if I call.
Singh Partap07-01-2017 г.
Provide me information about this number. He is fraud and took money from me.please....
Michael 07-01-2017 г.
Trying to get in touch with the owner of this number. I think her name is Marpi. She was in Malta for holiday.
Rupesh07-01-2017 г.
I recently got a missed call from this number. can I know whom does this number belongs to?
stoyan07-01-2017 г.
I would like to know the name of the owner of this number. Thanks.
Lawrence07-01-2017 г.
I was defrauded with this number
Sadiq 06-01-2017 г.
ihave an annoyed messages on this number +4527455317 on whatsapp, I want to whose this number +4527455317
larasati wardani06-01-2017 г.
Hallo By the way you just call me with this number Whts the matter mam? Im afraid your call is bout work
Srinivas06-01-2017 г.
Hi I just want to know the details of the mobile number owner, cause one of my frnd asked me to transfer some credit to that person I did transfer but after that the person saying dint receive can u pls send me the details so that it would be helpful for me to solve the problem
M. Ardesi06-01-2017 г.
I keep receiving calls from the number 4915118217505 Who is calling me? Thank you
Annette06-01-2017 г.
Hi Sorry missed your call if you would like to email me your enquirey on my email or Many thanks
Horváth József Zoltán06-01-2017 г.
Miért van korlátozva a számom??? Én nem kértem.
Niki06-01-2017 г.
Hi, may i know who is the owner of this number?! Thanks beforehand
ANNA06-01-2017 г.
hello! can get information about +375298703577 number?
Erison05-01-2017 г.
Olá! Esta foi uma forma que consegui de falar com você. na verdade, nem sei se esta mensagem chegará até você. Só queria entender o que houve para você sumir assim, do nada. Espero que esteja tudo bem. Estou no mesmo lugar de sempre. Você sabe onde me achar. Espero seu retorno.
sonia bell05-01-2017 г.
Can you tell +447864988848 who this number is?
Daniel05-01-2017 г.
me a marcado en reiteradas ocaciones y no tengo la menor idea quien pueda ser
Dr. I. A.Lone05-01-2017 г.
Just giving anonymous missed calls..
Griselda05-01-2017 г.
me has llamado 2 veces ayer si deseas algo escribeme al email
Carlos Joseph E. Feria05-01-2017 г.
I received a missed call from you early this afternoon? How may I help you?
NORMAN BIN KAMAN05-01-2017 г.
I need to know the owner of this phone number. Please Help Me to identify the owner.
ulan05-01-2017 г.
i looking this number belong to cause i need to get new about him, if someone know about him please info me

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