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Manojkumar02-08-2017 г.
this number call for me but he did not saying good
Sasha02-08-2017 г.
Not sure why this number is continuously calling me what does he want
balan02-08-2017 г.
Hai i need this phone number information
makhanya xolani01-08-2017 г.
can anyone help me with the details(owner)of this number 76599221..he sold me a freezing android watch and he no longer takes ma calls which means he on the run
makhanya xolani01-08-2017 г.
can anyone help me with the owner of this number 76599221..he stole my money and he is no longer taking my calls
djalab farid01-08-2017 г.
HI. I want to know what you said to me recently. Please reply to my email: Thank you.
Michel Segers01-08-2017 г.
Beste, Gelieve me dringend te contacteren ivm de huurwaarborg. Deze is niet in orde en het contract vervalt dan eind deze week. U kan me bereiken op 0477934668
Suhail Ahmed Memon01-08-2017 г.
I have received a call yesterday morning but somehow missed to attend the call. please let me know that who wanted to talk with me?
Wan01-08-2017 г.
This guy named kong or khong are scammer. Be carefull when do a biz with him +60122611738
Arma01-08-2017 г.
Hi how are you doing? Whats your name btw I forgot to ask you when left me Ive texted you whatsapp not working i guess. So tomorrow Ill call you. Till later
THIS IS A SPAMMER31-07-2017 г.
Mehmood31-07-2017 г.
This number call me and inform me he need money if I not give he will kill me
Stephen Lindsey31-07-2017 г.
I believe this number is being used in some whatsapp scam
Mariana30-07-2017 г.
recibo solicitud de cobro de mensaje, llamo y no contesta
Shakil30-07-2017 г.
He call me, but tell me about himself, and abused me.
Z30-07-2017 г.
Hi Ale!!!! It`s Zoxy, and I hope we can make a contact again! Also, I hope u are well.
syazreel30-07-2017 г.
Hi Ana, i believe my mum is being conned by the same man. Does he go by the name Hizan Abdullah? please contact me at hope we could help each other out.
Michele Comolli30-07-2017 г.
Liar, he tries to scam you being gentle and honest , the first time, for the second time, prepare your ass
Tammy29-07-2017 г.
I was given this number to call a hospital in London England to check the status of a child I was told was in a accident. Is this a legitament phone number?
AFZAL29-07-2017 г.
ajay29-07-2017 г.
please identify yourself. Do you have any message.
Marissa29-07-2017 г.
I received a miss call from this number. The person with this number called me on my school line. I am a director of a school here in Sohar. I want to know if this number is a company or personal number.
surah29-07-2017 г.
bangla punya nombor suka call orang tengah malam buta. jenis penipu.
Thando Sauls29-07-2017 г.
This UK number: +447977312151, came in a very suspiscious email. Is it safe please?
SCHMITZ VIVANI28-07-2017 г.
Dears Sirs, I want to know whos number is this....(address if possible) He asked me to call...Thanks in advance
Roslin28-07-2017 г.
I would like to know weather this number is safe?
Kristiina Wiley28-07-2017 г.
I would like to know whose number is this. They refused to say their name when I asked after an anonymous message.
M28-07-2017 г.
「 Polis Diraja Malaysia ( Royal Malaysia Police ) Khamis, 27 Julai 2017 pada jam 22:43 HATI-HATI PANGGILAN DARI 03-20719999 : POLIS Kuala Lumpur, 27 Julai 2017 - Jangan percaya jika dihubungi individu tertentu konon anda terbabit dengan kemalangan dan diminta memasukkan wang ke akaun konon untuk menyelesaikan kes. Jabatan Siasatan dan Penguatkuasaan Trafik Kuala Lumpur (JSPTKL) tidak pernah berbuat demikian, kata Ketuanya, Asisten Komisioner Mohd Nadzri Hussain. Katanya, pihaknya menerima aduan berkaitan panggilan telefon menggunakan nombor 03-20719999, mendakwa dari JSPTKL meminta penerima panggilan datang ke JSPTKL kerana telah terbabit dalam kemalangan. "Kemudian pemanggil akan mengarahkan penerima panggilan berkenaan untuk memasukkan sejumlah wang bagi menyelesaikan kes kemalangan mereka. "JSPTKL tidak pernah mengenakan atau meminta apa-apa bayaran untuk diselesaikan berkaitan dengan kemalangan yang berlaku kecuali bayaran untuk salinan dokumen atas permohonan pengadu," katanya dalam satu kenyataan. Bayaran dokumen itu pula, dikeluarkan resit rasmi kerajaan. ACP Nadzri berkata, jika orang awam terbabit dalam kemalangan dan membuat laporan di Balai Polis Trafik Kuala Lumpur, panggilan hanya akan dibuat oleh Pegawai Penyiasat sekiranya pihak kedua tidak tampil membuat laporan kemalangan selepas tempoh 24 jam. "Orang ramai dinasihatkan agar menghubungi JSPTKL sekiranya menerima panggilan telefon dari individu yang menyamar sebagai Pegawai Polis Trafik dari nombor 03-20719999. "Dapatkan juga nama dan nombor badan pegawai polis yang membuat panggilan dan nombor laporan kemalangan yang terbabit, kemudian sahkan semula dengan JSPTKL. "Jangan sesekali memasukkan atau memberi wang untuk membuat sebarang pembayaran berhubung kes kemalangan trafik," katanya. Beliau turut meminta orang awam tampil membuat laporan jika ada menerima panggilan palsu berkenaan. Sumber : Berita Harian Online 」
wil28-07-2017 г.
who called me from Italy number 393773414552? thanks
SALAM SHA27-07-2017 г.
always comming continus call after answer call disconnect automatic

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